Writings of Subcommander Marcos of the EZLN

This is a partial collection of essays written by Sub Commadante Marcos, the main spokesperson for the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico. This collection focuses on his more personal writings, there is also a page of EZLN communiques, some of which also bear his signature.

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The Speed of Dreams
If the false arguments that the war against Iraq was a war "against terrorism" have collapsed, the real reasons are now emerging, more than a year after Hussein's statue was pulled down, aided by the tanks of the US war, and a euphoric Bush erected another one to himself declaring an end to the war

A Message from Marcos - August 2004
Marcos breaks the silence with new communiques detailing what the Zapatistas have been up to

Two Flaws - August 2004
There are two mistakes which seem to have persisted in Zapatista political work: the place of women, on the one hand, and, on the other, the relationship between the political-military structure and the autonomous governments.

Three Shoulders August 2004
So we rose up in arms one first day of January in the year of 1994Éin order to seek another shoulder which would help us walk, that is, to exist.

Four Fallacies about the Good Government Juntas - August 2004
These were brandished by intellectuals of the right, judges, legislators and officials in order to oppose the San Andrés Accords, and the putting into practice of those accords with the creation of the caracoles and the Good Government Juntas

Five Decisions of Good Government August
Marcos details the first year of the Good Government Juntas in which some internal accords were formalized and new decisions were defined

Six Advances - August
This is what the zapatista peoples are doing. They're not waiting for the government to give them charity and speeches. They are working to improve their living conditions, and they are achieving that.

Seven Days in Zapatista Territory - August
A snapshot of what is happening on the ground

Enter Durito - August
And so, when no one is expecting it (including me), a beetle appears on the screen (or on the paper) with the following speech:


History of a Zapatista Village
The history of this place forms a quick summation of the history of the Chiapas indigenous. And, in some parts, of all the indigenous of the Mexican southeast, not just of the zapatistas.

Marcos on responses to the 6th declaration
A Penguin in the Selva Lacandona
Macos of the EZLN responds to some of the responses they have received to the text of the 6th declaration. He goes on to ask what impact all the international and national solidarity has had on the children who have grown up during the Zapatista rebellion

The reasons for the Red Alert
EZLN reveal that the reason for the Red Alert is to allow a consulta to take place on the future direction of the organisation. During a previous consulta the army attacked them so this is a precautionary measure.

A letter of explanation...and/or, perhaps, farewell
A letter from Marcos
Marcos summarises the work of the Zapatistas to date and the betrayal of the peace deal by all the political parties. He says the results of the Consulta process should soon be known. "Now we shall decide whether we are going to do something else, and we will make the results public at the proper time. We are now making clear - in order to end the speculations - that this "other thing" does not entail any offensive military action on our part. We are not, on our part, planning nor discussing reinitiating offensive military combat."


Text of speeches


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