Serious dialogue or none at all

La Jornada September 10,1996

To the national and international press
September 8,1996.

Ladies and Gentleman:

Here goes communiques and letter for the kind lady. How much does it cost for a full page add in all the newspapers in Mexico? Did the Ministry of the Interior take it out of it's pocket or is it part of the "help" for Chiapas? Is there someone who still believes all that the Ministry of the Interior says? And the most important thing: how many tanks, war planes, helicopters and soldiers will come after the full page adds?

Please send your response to Los Pinos (President's residence in Mexico).

Sure,Health and that, in September, Viva the Country (ours, not theirs).

From the mountains of Numancia
Subcommander Insurgent Marcos
Me'xico, September 1996.

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