The group of traitors who "dialogue" with Dante Delgado

May 20, 1995

To: The Democratic State Assembly of the People of Chiapas (Aedepch)
From: Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Chiapas, Mexico


By orders of my companeros of the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, I write you regarding the meeting that will be held in the coming days. There are various issues that will be covered, but I only want to refer to the most important ones:

First.- A group of members of the Aedepch and the Transitional Government in Rebellion, which is headed by Amado Avendano Figueroa, have entered into negotiations with the supreme government. In meetings with the consul of the central government, Dante Delgado, these persons have come to agreements, in the name of the Aedepch, which represent a sabotaging of the Zapatista position in the Dialogues in San Andres. The position of the EZLN has been clear: the supreme government should dialogue and negotiate with all of the democratic forces of Chiapas. For this reason the EZLN has demanded that, to address the questions regarding the state of Chiapas, representatives of the Aedepch and the rebel government of Amado Avendano Figueroa should be at the table of negotiations. The government is carrying out a strategy of division, trying to dialogue and negotiations with fragmented forces, as this creates the possibility of corruption, disloyalty and treason. In establishing negotiations parallel to those of San Andres, the group of traitors who "dialogue" with Dante Delgado are making themselves accomplices in the federal government's political offensive against the democratic movement in Chiapas and they are contributing to the government's counterinsurgency movement against the EZLN. It would not surprise us if members of the democratic CEOIC, before having clarity and firm political direction, are part of the group that is developing the agreement with the federal government to give themselves up.

Second.- In response to the invitation from the EZLN to form part of a broad and strong front in the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice in Chiapas, this part of the Aedepch and of the transitional government responded by betraying the unity of the people of Chiapas. Opportunism and demoralization are their flags. They have become discouraged by the recent blows that one or another of us have suffered. They thought that the struggle would be easy, comfortable, full of photographs and grand mobilizations. They forgot that liberty is conquered with sacrifice, that setbacks are normal for those who struggle, and victory is not the product of a declaration or a flag, but rather the work of an organization, the sum total of efforts, of political consequence and a commitment to convictions.

Third.- We will not oppose the Aedepch and the transitional government in rebellion following this politic of giving up, which does nothing more than repeat the vices of the system of the Party-state. But we declare that the EZLN has clear and firm objectives, that it will not stop struggling despite setbacks, threats, the militarization... or treasons. They could negotiate whatever they want or like, on their own; they can sell themselves and give up their dignity to the arrogance and power of the government that humiliates and despises them. But for the EZLN there is no greater will than that of the people of Chiapas, and to fulfill it the EZLN will continue struggling.

Fourth.- We regret that the Aedepch and the transitional government in rebellion, forces exemplary of dignity and independent organization and citizenship, are seen as corrupt because of the actions of weak and corrupt people.

Fifth.- For the EZLN there is no other governor of Chiapas, other than Amado Avendano Figueroa, elected democratically by the majority of the people of Chiapas, and robbed of his legitimate triumph through lies and fraud. The Rebel governor has communicated to us his decision to continue on in the struggle for a transitional government, for a constitutional congress, and a new constitution, banners of the dispossessed of Chiapas which the EZLN has lifted up since January 1, 1994.

Sixth.- As a result, we reiterate our support for the rebel governor and the authentic representatives of the civil society in Chiapas who struggle for democracy, liberty and justice.

Seventh.- We call upon the honest and committed sectors of the Aedepch and the transitional government in rebellion to stay firm and join us in the Dialogue in San Andres in the search for a political and peaceful solution to the demands for democracy, liberty and justice. If the will of the government is genuine, the problems of everyone, or of no one, will be resolved by peaceful means. If not, then the struggle using all means and forms possible will continue, even despite the weak people and the ones who have given up.

That's all.


>From the mountains of Southeastern Mexico.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, May 1995

La Jornada, May 30 pg. 15
(translated by Cindy Arnold, National Commission for Democracy in Mexico)

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