The Zapatista Information Center

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
January 3, 2001.

To National and International Civil Society:

Brothers and Sisters:

In order to be able to exchange information and to stay up to date on the zapatista mobilization for the fulfillment of the three signals (closure of the 7 military positions, release of the zapatista prisoners and constitutional recognition of indigenous rights and culture in accordance with the Cocopa legislative proposal), the EZLN has done the following:

First - Beginning today, the Zapatista Information Center will go into operation, with the help of Dona Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, a person who has generously put her time and work into the service of peace. The particular task of this Zapatista Information Center will be to serve as bridge between civil society and the EZLN.

Second - Through the Zapatista Information Center, national and international civil society will be able to be informed about the mobilization initiatives undertaken by the EZLN and others for the fulfillment of the three signals; about the precise date of the delegation's departure for the D.F.; about the delegation's itinerary; about the public acts it will hold; and about its agenda in Mexico City. It will also be able to learn about aspects related to the logistics of that mobilization: possible accommodations, possible means of transportation and their costs, etcetera.

Third - The EZLN will only receive national and international correspondence from all those persons and organizations who want to make contact with the delegation going to the Federal District through the Zapatista Information Center

Fourth - Through the Zapatista Information Center, the EZLN will make known the different initiatives which civil society is organizing, in Mexico and the world, for the fulfillment of the three signals and for the accompaniment of the zapatista delegation to the D.F., whether through their physical presence or through public events in their areas.

Fifth - The Zapatista Information Center will NOT be a press office or spokesperson for the EZLN. It will be only a bridge for us to communicate with national and international civil society. There will be no need for any special accreditation for covering the EZLN's trip and stay in Mexico City. The media credentials they present will be sufficient. The Zapatista Information Center will not broadcast press bulletins, it will not provide news or photo materials, it will not organize transportation nor accommodations for the media, nor will it offer interviews or press conferences. As to the media, representatives of the press may have correspondence reach the EZLN, and vice versa, through this office.

Sixth - The EZLN, through the Zapatista Information Center, is calling on national and international solidarity to come to the financial aid of this peace initiative, by depositing any contribution in the following bank account:

Bancomer Branch 437 Number 5001060-5
Name: Senora Mari'a del Rosario Ibarra San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Seventh - The information for communicating with the Zapatista Information Center is:

Address: Avenida Ignacio Allende nu'mero 22-A (between Hnos. Domi'nguez and A'lvaro Obrego'n) Barrio San Antonio San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Telephones: 67-82-159 and 67-81-013
Fax: 67-87-373

Eighth - Regarding the Contact Office in San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, the EZLN announces that, beginning today, their work is temporarily suspended. Until further notice, it will not be providing the daily service to the different coordinators and the public in general.

Ninth - For the time being, the EZLN is calling on provincial contact coordinators who operated for the Consulta organization to make themselves open to all of civil society in their areas, and to incorporate all those persons who want to join in this peace effort, with the understanding that the Coordinadoras will only be a part of all the groups convened for this new initiative. It will not be necessary to participate in any Coordinadora in order to be part of the mobilization, since contact with the EZLN will be made directly through the Zapatista Information Center. The EZLN is calling on civil society to organize in accordance with their own initiative, without regard to religious faith, ideology, political activism, age, race, economic position, size, weight or sexual preference.

Tenth - The EZLN is calling on delegation Contact Coordinadoras in the D.F. to declare their activities suspended, and for all their members to organize in new ways in order to support this mobilization. The EZLN wants their stay in the D.F. to include the entire population, organized or not, and, in this way, to open new forms of dialogue.

Eleventh - At this stage, the EZLN is calling on national civil society for the following:

a) - To publicize and disseminate in their towns the 3 signals which have been demanded.
b) - To carry out acts of support in their towns for the three signals.
c) - To organize in order to accompany the zapatista delegation in their towns, or to meet with them in the D.F.
d) - To organize in order to carry out acts in their towns simultaneous with the zapatista delegates' actions.

We are also respectfully asking you to keep us informed about your activities through the Zapatista Information Center, and that you also let us know about your proposals, ideas, or how we can help you in those tasks.

Twelfth - The EZLN is making a special call to international civil society for the following:

a) - To organize and carry out civil and peaceful acts in their towns, demanding the fulfillment of the 3 signals.
b) - To organize in order to accompany the zapatista delegation, or in order to meet them in the D.F.
c) - To organize and to carry out civil peaceful acts simultaneously with the zapatista delegation's activities, in their respective countries.

We are also respectfully asking them to keep us informed of that, through the international area of the Zapatista Information Center.

Brothers and sisters:

For dialogue, for the recognition of indigenous rights and culture, and so that war may be banished forever from the Indian lands of Mexico, let us support the demand for the fulfillment of the 3 signals, and let us walk beside the zapatistas to the D.F.

Salud and, with everyone, we shall secure peace with justice and dignity.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
January of 2001.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN _______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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