The persecution of students is already government policy

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
Mexico. February 2, 2000

To the national and international press:

Ladies and gentlemen:

Here I send you two communiques on two subjects two: the attack on Prepa 3 and the Escuela Normal de El Mexe, Hidalgo.

In both of the attacks, the "new" police specialized in students were present: the preventative federal police. Pardon if the name appears as "Wilfredo" but should be "Wilfrido"(yes, I speak of Mr. Robledo, head of the PFP). The case is as that of la Mar; we consulted several newspapers and in some they put "Wilfrido" and in others "Wilfredo". In short, if it is "Wilfrido" or "Wilfredo", that only his mother knows for certain (that is if he has one).

On the other hand, we are moved by the image of Zedillo on his bike, so much so that we forgot that to him we are only "one more incident in history". We were already about to exchange our horses for bicycles when a doubt was raised: is the "little hat" there to give the impression that he has a brain?

Vale. Salud and don't be globalphobes, as the teacher Efrain Huerta already said: "Outside of the metro everything is Cuautitlan" (Is that how it was?)

>From the incidental mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Insurgent Subcomandante Marcos.

]Mexico, February of 2000.

PS: FOR DIODORO. That which "does not have any importance of engaging in a dialogue with the EZLN" (Zedillo "dixit"), is that the postscript of "One more step"? Or the postscript that "Wilfrido" will deliver personally? (or was it "Wilfredo"?)

PS: THAT EXPLAINS ITSELF: "Globalphobes of the World, Suicide!" (or rather, "Unite!").

PS: FOR THE SPANISH STATE. Do not be deceived: not all Mexicans are like Zedillo, that is, pathetic (although Aznar asks nothing of him).

PS: THAT ALSO MAKES HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE RENOVATION OF THE LANGUAGE. Join the Club of Zedillophobes! We are already almost 100 million strong! (Next: the not-at-all exclusive Clubs of PRIphobes, Labastidaphobes, De La Fuentephobes, and the very exclusive one of Phobiaphobes(?!)

These originally appeared in the 2/6/00 edition of "La Jornada" and can be read at

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