Marcos on the San Andres peace talks

Zapatista Army of National Liberation
September 7,1996.
To: National and International Civil Society
From: Sup Marcos


Only to greet you and find out if you are still around there.

What do you know. It's incredible the unanimous response that our demand of, "government spokesman with capacity of decision making, political willingness to negotiate and respect for the zapatista delegation"... provoked within the government. All of a sudden they all rushed to state that they were not willing to change the government delegation headed by Mr.Bernal del Valle and Mr.Zenteno. We did not ask for the replacement of the government delegation, but all seem to agree in that the gentlemen government delegates neither have capacity for decision making, nor political willingness to negotiate, nor do they respect the zapatista delegation. This is now clear, because otherwise, then, why do they say that they will not change the government delegation?

Now well, if the present delegates don't have the capacity of decision making, nor political willingness to negotiate, nor respect for the zapatistas, then, what are they doing in the government delegation at the San Andres Dialogue? Distribute pears at breakfast? Certify policemen as journalists? Give interviews? Gain time? Make points for some governorship? maybe all these things and something more. Too bad! It looks like that will no longer continue.

I celebrate that the government recognizes that it's delegation in San Andres does not seek peace. Now it's clear and there is no reason to continue deceiving the respectable. The government delegates have convinced the zapatistas, that the dialogue can not continue in this way, and that it is better to leave before continuing to contribute to the shadowy political careers of these men, while war is being prepared and peace is hidden.

Well, it's only necessary to convince the soldiers of the Mexican Federal Army for them to come to the mountains of the mexican southeast to kill and to be killed with the "patriotic" objective to pave the way for Mr.Bernal to the governorship of the state of Tamaulipas.

"A war for a governorship", who would have thought! Anyway, this country is called Me'xico. My other self tells me that there was already another "war of the pastries", called that because the pretext were some pastries. Now, since the pretext are the government delegates, this war will be called "the war of the mediocres".

In the meantime, behind the "courageous" defence of it's delegation, the government hides the juridical aberration and the politics that maintain in prison citizens accused of being zapatistas; the white guards* continue in impunity (and now that the" antiviolence" and pacifism, are fashionable, it's surprising the silence of some intellectuals over this illegitimate and illegal violence), Chiapas continues to be governed by an imposed viceroy and continues in it's mortal lethargy of porfirian feudal estate, "modernity" is only seen in the pockets of the ones who govern and death and misery are still present and the future of the indigenous.

Do you know? The government is afraid, very afraid. And fear is an excellent counsellor to commit stupidities that seem intelligent, so you, do not doubt that the nightmare will repeat itself. The steps they will take can be foreseen: first provoke a crisis, then the threats, then a campaign to discredit the candidates for death; will follow some judicial justification, then, the hit like a thunder, and, finally, the publicity campaign that announces that the indigenous have been liberated of the " depraved and white transgressors who forced them to rebel themselves when the whole world knows that the indigenous are submissive and grateful (with the government, you understand)".

Well, Lady, I leave now. I just wanted to tell you not to believe in anything that the government says when they say that "they will not take any violent measure" and that " all the demands of the zapatistas can be satisfied". They are only lies, they just want you to stay waiting and forget and, when you least expect it, hit us, and present to you consummated deeds.

It's valid, Health and a "don't forget me" for the princess.

>From the mountains of Numancia.

The Sup proving that if when no one is watching, he can get down flying next to that yellow leaf or thinks that he can allow himself to fly and rotate by the nocturnal breeze, just as the hopes and desire when the skin gasps for breath and groans, missing earring next to the ear...(I don't know why is the moon laughing.....)

P.S. Clarification. "The right of the strongest is the violation of the essence of the right. The power (Rome) is the enemy of morality and of liberty (Numancia), (Numancia) speaks to the condemned of the Earth to drive them not to suicide, but to resistance and the final victory". J.E.P. Prologue to The Encirclement of Numancia, of Miguel de Cervantes.

P.S. If they don't want to remove the government delegates, why don't they change their places and place them as delegates for the dialogue with the EPR? yes, I know that the EPR does not want to dialogue, but Bernal neither, in that way he will be happy and the prestige of the supreme government will be saved. No, better not. We already said that the EPR is not our enemy, and that of sending them Bernal- Del Valle must be worse than to combat them "with the full force of the State".

* death squads operating with impunity in the North part of the State of Chiapas. Some of them with names like "peace and justice" , "chinchulines" and others. Translators note.

Translated by: Susana Saravia Anibarro,Certidied Leagal and Court Interpreter by the Office of Adminsitration of the Courts in Washington State. Translated for: Nuevo Amanecer Press.

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