The history of the measure of memory

To the national press:

Ladies and gentlemen:

A few reflections on Fobaproa and a taking of a position.

From here nothing new, an abundance of planes and helicopters promising war, rains promising sowing, and dignities which are promising futures. The children continue being children, and little Pedrito has re-baptized me as "Up" (an easy abbreviation for "Sup" as I understand), while he tries to find out if my pipe is made of chocolate as were some cigarettes he had been given.

While the sea dreams with me in the womb, I remember that in the next few days (August 28?), the Ladies will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of an act which, like everything that comes from below, began small and then grew. Twenty years ago a group of determined and inconvenient (for the Power) women and men began a hunger strike demanding the liberation of political prisoners and the presentation of the disappeared.

We, and others without memory, owe these women of foolish tenderness many things. One of these things, and not the only one, is that morning when they promised us, and promised those who, like the Ladies, know that memory does not rest nor yield, nor does it have age, nor does dignity have size. And then Old Antonio comes with one of the gifts for the sea, and he tells, just to tell . . .,

The history of the measure of memory

The oldest of our old tell, that the first gods, those who created the world, shared out memory among the men and women who walked in the world.

"Memory is good," the greatest gods said and told, "because it is the mirror which helps to understand the present and promises the future."

The first gods measured out memory with a jicara in order to share it out and all the men and women came by to receive their measure of memory. But some of the men and women were larger than the others and then the measure of memory was not seen equally in all. It shone clearly in the smallest and in the largest it was made opaque. Because of that they say that they say memory is greatest and strongest in the smallest and it is harder to find in the powerful. That is why they also say that men and women become smaller and smaller when they grow old. They say it is so memory will shine more brightly. They say that it is the work of the oldest of the old: to make memory great.

And they also say that dignity is no more than memory which lives. They say.

Salud and may memory carry out its mission, to make justice.

>From the mountains of Southeastern Mexico.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, August of 1998.

Here it is again!
The only!
The unequalled!
The feared (by the editors) !

The secton of the recurring postscript! Yesss!

P.D. I applaud Zedillo's memory. In Ocosingo, speaking of the proposals for indigenous reform, Zedillo referred to the Cocopa's as "the one drawn up by a group of legislators along with the EZLN." He only missed saying "a group of dissident legislators."

P.D. Let the chips fall where they may. According to intelligence services it has become known that a new autonomous municipality has arisen in the territory today known as Tuxtla Gutierrez. The Autonomous Council in Rebellion is located close to the "Alvarez del Toro" Zoo and, with the clear intention of passing unnoticed, has hung a sign on the entrance which says "Cerro Hueco Jail." We demand that the State of Law be enforced with all vigor, that a thousand police officers and soldiers attack the rebel stronghold and destroy all the facilities, and those inside be immediately expelled.

P.D. Take notice (aside from the Fobaproa). The peso is being devalued, the stock market is plunging, white collar and no-collar crime is growing , narcotrafficking is making closer ties with the government, the San Andreas Accords are continuing to not be carried out, the war is advancing in Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca, international condemnations against the Mexican government for human rights violations are mounting, the Legislative branch is revealing itself, the PRI pre-candidates for the year 2000 are swarming, Fobaproa is being uncovered, and with it the illegality of the 1994 election, . . . (space for you to add anything that I missed) , etcetera. All this is clear, but, what is Zedillo going to report on September 1 1/4? His successess in submarine diving?

Vale Nuez.
Salud and best wishes! (if you are reading this, four years of "well-being for the family" has endured).

The Sup wrapped up as a gift.

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