Marcos on 'Zapatista' deserters

To the National and International Press:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The letter-communique is off, which is self-explanatory.

And so another group of zapatista "deserters?" Yaaaa! The militia doesn't use those little hats, except for Major Moises. Also, in those places they're talking about, not only are there no zapatistas, there aren't any people either. They couldn't even make it more believable, no? Or are they still fuming about San Andres?

Vale. Salud, and don't take the train (afterwards, NATO is going to count them as "collateral damage").

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomadante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, April of 1999.

P.S. For the CNI. - Sale. You will be welcome. Just let us know the dates and how many will be coming. It will be an honor for the Aguascalientes of Oventik to be the location for the next meeting of the National Indigenous Congress.

P.S. THAT REPONDS TO THE QUESTIONS FROM THE GENERAL UNIVERSITY CONSULTA. - In the name of the Society of the Former Zapatuda Alumna of the UNAM (SEXZU for its initials), these are our responses:

Question 1. - If the General Payment Regulations are legitimate due to the anti-democratic manner of their approval. The UNAM is not the PRI.

Question 2. - Yes, the State should increase the budget for public education. In order to achieve it, they can take out the gross weight of Zedillo's cabinet.

Question 3. - Yes, decision-making in the UNAM should be democratized.

Question 4. - Yes, middle and higher education should be free.

Question 5. - Yes, the management of the UNAM budget should be transparent and democratic.

Question 6. - Yes, there should be a public and direct dialogue between UNAM officials and the university student movement.

You are welcome. Please count on all the zapatistas (less, of course, the between 15,000 and 20,000 who "deserted"). Announcement: Join SEXZU!

Originally published in Spanish by the Contact Office
Translated by irlandesa

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