To those attending the 5th European Gathering of Solidarity with the Zapatista Rebellion

Comite de Solidarite avec les Peuples de Chiapas en Lutte. Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
Mexico, January of 1996.
To: Those attending the V European Gathering of Solidarity with the Zapatista Rebellion. Paris, France.

"This seemed dumb to Alice; so she said nothing, but hurried toward the Red Queen. To her surprise, she immediately lost sight of her and found herself walking again in front of the door.

A bit irritated, she went along her steps, and after looking everywhere for the Red Queen (whom she finally saw very far) she thought that on this occasion she would try walking in the opposite direction.

Everything happened in the best possible manner. She hadn't even walked a minute when she found herself face to face with the Red Queen, and precisely in front of the hill that she longed to climb.

-Where are you coming from? -asked the Red Queen-. And where are you going? Look, speak clearly and don't be moving your fingers all the time.

Alice attended to everything she was being told and explained, with as much clarity as she could, that she had lost her way.

-I don't understand what you want to say when you speak of your way -said the Queen: since all the ways here are mine".

"On the other side of the mirror. And what Alice found there".
Chapter II; "The garden of the living flowers".
Lewis Caroll.

Brothers and Sisters:

In name of my companeros, the men, women, children and elders who make up the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, I write to greet you and greet the celebration of this V European Gathering of Solidarity with the Zapatista Rebellion.

You must know that we have not been able to send any of our companeros Zapatistas and that no one takes the EZLN representation before the V Gathering. Currently we find ourselves in the internal process of consultation in the Zapatista indigenous communities to respond to the proposals of accords reached in the dialogue table of San Andres de Sacamch'en de Los Pobres. That is why it has been impossible to attend to this your V Gathering. We have also not been able to ask anyone (nor will we do so) to take our voice to you all. That is why we must once again use the epistle media so you will listen to us. Annexed to this greeting you will find the so-called First Declaration of La Realidad, which calls for the celebration of the First Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against Neoliberalism. We want to ask that you read it and, if you agree, subscribe it along with the EZLN so that, united, we call humanity together to this finding of itself and finding of ourselves.

We know that you have many issues to take care of in your gathering, but we beg you to take some time for this matter on the gathering which Durito calls "intergalactic".

On this point we want to say the following: We propose to you that the Preparation Assembly of the Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against Neoliberalism of the European Continent be celebrated in the first week of April of 1996 in Berlin, Germany.

Also we say to you that this is only a proposal, which of course we accept if you choose another sight. In any case, be it Berlin or another place, we ask that you support the group that becomes the sight. We must begin to impose a new political culture where unity produces effects. And what better sample of this new politic than this assembly (and those of the other continents) to be the result of international work and not only of the sight country. Is it not an attempt to form the international of hope? Well, let us also break the borders in another sense.

I would like to discuss why we propose that the sight of the European preparation assembly be Berlin. I could say that I am trying to get the CCRI to send me as a delegate and that I have always wanted to know Germany, or that it is a strategy to self-promote myself the narcissism (because of the issue with the "marcos"). This is true, but it is not the fundamental reason.

As is stated in the First Declaration of La Realidad, the Power has sold us as truth a lie, the lie of our defeat. No matter whether it in fact defeats us, Power has dedicated itself to making us believe that we are defeated. Who? Us, you, all who think it is possible and necessary for a world where democracy, liberty, and justice to abandon its comfortable place of utopias and libraries and come live (and struggle, which is a beautiful form of living) with us.

Regarding the lie about our defeat, Power has built a lie about its victory. And Power has chosen the fall of the Berlin Wall as a symbol of its omnipotence and eternity. Over the ruins of the Berlin Wall, Power built a larger and stronger wall: the wall of hopelessness.

The wall continues there, it is part of the history but does not mean the defeat of hope nor the victory of cynicism. There is in Berlin a fragment of the broken mirror that we inherited as history.

As Alice discovers that to reach the Red Queen, she must walk backwards, we must turn to the past to be able to advance and be better. In the past we can find ways for the future. And we, you, do not have any greater aspiration than the future. That is why the past is important. If something new is born, it is because something old is dying. But in the new, the old extends itself and it can eat the future if we do not attack it, know it, we speak to it, we listen to it, in short, if we stop fearing it.

A symbol? Yes, a symbol. Why not tear off something new from where the old remained? What have we to lose? Nothing, other than the fear, the shame, the regrets . . . and the nightmares.

Why not begin with a symbol? Why not begin by walking there once again? Why not take in our hands that broken piece of the mirror? Maybe we will hurt our hands, but perhaps we will be able to see, through one of the cracks of its reflection, the crystal we are looking for, that we long for, the one we deserve . . .

Berlin. The first week of April of the year 1996. 7 years later. 7 times 7 walk the 7. Berlin. Why not?

Well, I reiterate to you our greetings and desires for everything to go well in your V European Gathering of Solidarity with the Zapatista Rebellion.

Vale. Health and that, together, we find the Red Queen.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, January of 1996.

P.S. That alerts the OTAN. Durito has not abandoned the idea of disembarking and initiating the conquest of Europe. He has invited me, but I still have a lot of doubts. The embarkment that he prepares looks a lot like a can of sardines. Also, I fear he wants to take me to serve as a rower, and for me, all humidity that is not feminine produces dizziness . . .

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