The little tree and the others

February 20, 1999.

To: National and International Civil Society
From: Sup Marcos


It's us again. Yes, again. What? It was better when we were staying quiet? Voooy! A lo macho? What? It was a joke? Ah, good! Then it was in very bad taste. Now, just for punishment, I'm not going to tell you anything about how the brigades are doing in Mexico. That way you won't know that by February 16 (two days after we'd told you there were 600), more than 800 brigades had been accredited, and there are more than 10,0000 volunteers working in them. And you won't know that Coordinators are being accredited in various states, and that some of them have made so much progress in their work that they already have their plan and methods in place for covering all their municipalities. What? You're sorry? Then we're even.

Look, I'm writing you to let you know that there is now a bank account so that you can make financial donations to the Consulta. The number of the account is CUENTA MAESTRA BANCOMER, No. 5001060-5, Plaza 437, San Crisobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, and it's in the name of Dona Rosario Ibarra de Piedra. Let me clarify that this bank account is separate from the finances for each state. And so we ask everyone, in Mexico and in all the countries who want to help, to send your donation to this account. There are going to be many expenses, and, despite the fact that we've dipped into our war funds (which are, in truth, for peace, because we only use them for peace initiatives), it's not enough. We ask that you confirm your deposits with the Contact Office for the EZLN Consulta (email: Telephone and Fax: (967-8-10-13 and 8-21-59).

I'll take advantage of this outing to accept the invitation that we received from the Metropolitan Autonomous University-Unidad Xochimilco, for zapatista delegates to visit that college during the days that they will be in Mexico City (hopefully March 14 to 21). Since we've accepted, we'll most certainly be there (of course, always and when the cafeteria menu changes). There are more requests from Institutions of Higher Learning, which we'll be responding to.

I'd also like to tell you (see, I don't have any hard feelings) that the zapatista video on the Consulta is now for sale, it's 20 minutes long, it costs 20 pence, and it can be gotten (I think) at the Contact Office for the Consulta. Hurry before they run out! (I hope!).

Vale. Salud and we've almost finished a video (a different one than the other), we're not kidding, and we're hoping, in all modesty, for a Grammy for best video or for an Oscar nomination in micro-short films (of less than 4 minutes). Don't miss it!

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, February of 1999.

PD: WHICH CALLS FOR UNITY - During a recent dawn, the Sea was also tired. So I lit my pipe and turned to my Tales of the Seahorse and I read her the story of...


Once upon a time there was a little tree who was very much alone but who was very willing to adorn and to sing in another's orchard. And so there was the little tree, and then the other came to look at it and to take it away. But it turned out that the other was not an other, but others. The others wanted to take the little tree to their respective orchards, but there was only one little tree, and the others were several others. And so the little tree was willing then to be planted in all the orchards, but there was just one little tree, and the others were several others.

Then the others began to discuss who was going to keep the little tree and take it to their orchard. And one of the others decided that he would take it, because he was a greater other than the other others. And another other of the others said no, he would take the little tree because he had a more beautiful orchard, etcetera, and another other said he would be better, because he was a simple gardener and he would be able to take care of the little tree and so they were fighting for a bit and they did not come to any agreement, because, although they were others, they did not respect the other who was among them but who was other. And then they stopped fighting and they said that each of them would take a piece of the little tree.

Then the little tree spoke and said: I do not agree, because, in addition to the fact that one should not go about cutting down trees because it disturbs the balance of nature, no one is going to win. If one of you takes my branches, and another takes my trunk, and another my roots and each one of you takes your piece then it's not going to turn out well. The one who takes the branches and plants them is not going to have anything because he will not have the trunk to sustain it nor the roots to feed it. The one who takes the trunk will not have anything either, because, without branches or roots, the trunk is not going to be able to breathe or to be fed. It is the same for the one who takes the roots, because without the trunk or the branches, the roots will not be able to grow or breathe. But if, on the other hand, we come to a good agreement amongst ourselves, I can be planted for a time in the orchard of the one and then for another time in the orchard of another and so on. In this way everyone will have fruits and seeds in each and every one of the orchards. The others were thinking. Tan-tan.

"That's how it ends?" the Sea asks.

"Well, yes," I said, closing the book. The Sea insisted:

"I don't know, we have to wait," I said, dodging the pen the Sea was throwing me.

Vale once more.


The Sup, murmuring the one that goes "My father and I planted it, at the edge of the patio where the house ends, etcetera."

Date: Monday, February 22, 1999 21:17:22 From: CONTACT OFFICE FOR THE CONSULTA<>   Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN ________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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