Special commission to promote FZLN

To the II National Meeting of the Civilian Committees for National Dialogue, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico

Brothers and Sisters:

We want to salute all the participants in this meeting with the desire that, together, we can find the tomorrow that the powerful deny us. We know that the future that we dream for all Mexicans, and for ourselves, will only be possible if it is born from people like all of you, from men and women who struggle and work knowing that they will not gain anything personally apart from the satisfaction of fulfilling a responsibility. The hope of thousands of men, women, children and elderly of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has its heart and sight set on this Second National Meeting of the Civilian Committees for National Dialogue. We know that the peace that we seek and desire will not come from the crime that governs us, but rather from the society without name or face that has extended its hand, heart and ears to us when the powerful offered us disdain, humiliation and death. But not only does the EZLN have hope in all of you and your efforts. Millions of Mexicans, fed up with the hypocrisy and lies that populate the national politics, await a new political practice, a new form of political relations, a new and strong politics, a new Motherland.

We hope that your meeting is successful and signifies, for all of you and for the country, a new step in this large journey from pain to hope that is the Mexican history. There are many things that we would like to say to you and to talk with you about, many embraces to give and many thanks that we owe to you and that, we hope, we will be able to give you one day. There is much to talk about, however, right now we only want to present to you the following persons: Paz Carmona, Antonio Garcia de Leon, Antonieta Rendon, Agueda Ruiz, Liza Garcia de Leon, Teresa Rendon, Ligia Garcia, Monica Bucio, Amarela Varela, Carolina Consejo, Rene Villanueva, Beatriz Zalce, Diego Garcia, Magdalena Hernandez, Juan Calvo, Hugo Moreschi, Julio Lopez, Sergio Rodriguez, Priscila Pacheco, Guillermo Briseno.

They have agreed to help us in constructing a new political force which we called for in the IV Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle: the Zapatista Front for National Liberation. These civilian Zapatista brothers and sisters have accepted our request that they make up the Special Commission for Promotion of the FZLN and now they are making public their commitment to struggle for a just and dignified peace together with us, the Zapatistas of the EZLN, and we make public their credentials from the EZLN to promote the formation of the FZLN throughout Mexico.

We thought that all of you will have many questions about what to do regarding the FZLN and everything that is proposed in the IV Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. Your questions perhaps will be answered in part by the video that the illustrious Don Durito of the Lacandon is sending you, completely free of charge, for this II National Meeting of the Civilian Committees for the National Dialogue.

But we are sure that it will be not be enough. For this reason we have asked these Zapatista companeros who make up the Special Commission for Promotion of the FZLN to take to all of you our work and clarify your doubts. Through their words is speaking the heart of the Zapatistas. For some time we have meeting with them and we have explained to them what we are seeking in the formation of the FZLN, what we want, what we hope for.

We have explained to them the principle proposals of the IV Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle; why we are not struggling to take power; the reasons for the 13 points of struggle; why we should not seek neither elected nor appointments posts in government; why the State-Party system is the principal obstacle to the transition to democracy in Mexico; why democracy should be more than electoral democracy; why one can not enter the FZLN and be a member of another political organization; why a broad oppositional front in which the FZLN relates with other political forces is necessary; why the way to enter the FZLN is through a Civilian Committee of Dialogue; why the FZLN is born with a base in the EZLN; what is the current relation between the EZLN and the FZLN and how it will be later on; how the work of promoting the FZLN is to be organized; how someone who wants to be part of the FZLN or who wants to help with the promotional work should be enrolled; how someone becomes involved so that this battle to return to hope to the those to whom it genuinely belongs (which is to say all of us) does not exclude us.

These and other points, if there are any, can be explained and clarified by our Zapatista companeros with the Special Commission for the Promotion of the FZLN. We ask that all of you listen to them as you have listened to us during the past two years while we have dialogued with all of you, and with others who are not here now, but who are awaiting the results of your II Meeting. We ask that you, through these companeros, please let us know about the agreements which you come to, and the proposals which you discuss and approve. Your words will always be well received by the Zapatistas, in the same way that you are, as brothers and sisters.

We also want to ask that you not forget the indigenous brothers and sisters who in Tabasco, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Oaxaca and there in Veracruz, suffer the government's intolerance and crime as responses to their just demands.

Finally we want to say to you that we would like the next National Meeting of Civilian Committees would have even more to say, that for us and for many more, which represents hope and dignity.

Our firm desire is that, within a few months, we could convene together, the National Meeting of Civilian Committees of Dialogue for the Formation of the Zapatista Front of National Liberation.

Our firm desire is that, soon, we could have from the FZLN the dignified heart of the Motherland and a dream of a tomorrow ..for everyone.

Health and that the hope that all of us carries in our chests become the flower of dignity for the Motherland.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, March 1996

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