Every time Zedillo comes to Chiapas

February of 2000.


Ladies and gentlemen:

Several letters are off which are not self-explanatory, and which I do not think I shall explain here.

Every time Zedillo comes to Chiapas, the army steps up their air and land patrols. That is logical since that gentleman is not, nor will he be, welcome in these lands. On February 20, we had the pleasure of an intensive coming and going of planes, helicopters, tanks, trucks and troops, throughout the entirety of what the gray whale calf Rabasa calls "the conflict zone." We thought it was another of Zedillo's conjugal visits to the Croquetas, but no. What happened is that day it was Labastida, and not Zedillo, who came to repeat the grays which characterize them.

One question: the mobilization of the federales, is it because they already consider Labastida to be their "supreme commander?" Is it because Labastida is the official candidate? Or is it because the military couldn't find anywhere to hide themselves in order to not hear the speeches of a campaign that is going like the Mexican Air Force planes over the indigenous communities, that is, at ground level?

Vale. Salud and may that flag always live where the eagle devours the neoliberal serpent (Because, if you have forgotten, February 24 is flag day. You are welcome).

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, February 2000.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Mexico. Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN ________________________ Translated by irlandesa

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