To musicians all over the world

February 20, 1999.

To: Musicians all over the world
From: Sup Marcos.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Old Antonio used to say (who, if he had been a musician, would have played the blues) that music opens paths that only the wise know how to walk, and which, along with dance, builds bridges which bring you close to a world which cannot even be dreamt.

This all comes to mind because we have received news of concerts and shows by musicians in Mexico and in other parts of the world. Their purpose? To promote the Consulta and to be in solidarity with the Mexican indigenous and their dignified struggle.

We want to express our appreciation to all of them, and to those who have had to do with those paths to peace, which criss-cross the planet from end to end, most especially, but not only, to the rhythms of rock.

Nothing pleases us more than those who compose, sing and play. As well as the producers, the sound people (is that how you say it?), the lighting people, the stagehands, the drivers, the ticket people, the loaders, the artists' reps, the local owners and administrators, and all the men and women who have to do (and who, nonetheless, are not seen) with a concert or musical show (often doubly volunteering, receiving neither money nor credit). Thanks to everyone.

And now that we're into the "one, two, three, four," we want to salute all those who musicians who, over the last five years, have played, are playing, will be playing, for the peace with justice and dignity.

Everyone has called for an end to the war. Some have cut records, others have participated in concerts, or visited the indigenous communities, or spoken out in favor of the peace with justice and dignity, or protested against the Acteal killing, or given us their instruments or dedicated one or more tours to the struggle of the Mexican indigenous. Here are some of the names (some of them escape me, but you already know how space tyrannizes the written word). Sale and vale:

In Mexico: La Bola, Santa Sabina, Panteon Rococo, Maldita Vecindad, Sekta Core, Makina, El Mastuerzo, Tijuana No, Jambo, Los de Abajo, La Nao, Trolebus, La Dosis, Resorte, Guillotina, Estramboticos, Mana, Julieta Venegas, Petroleo, Juguete Rabioso, Rotor, Funkswagen, Cafe Tacuba, Salario Minimo, El TRI, Fratta, Botellita de Jerez, Serpiente sobre Ruedas, Los Hermanos Rincon, Los Nakos, Ana de Alba, Leones de la Sierra de Xichu, Jose de Molina (QEPD), Lidia Tamayo, Arturo Marquez, Nina Galindo, Nayeli Nesme, Eugenia Leon, Hebe Rossel, the men and women from the National Music and Conservatory Schools, the raza of the CLETA, and the not few singer-songwriters who, in vans and buses, delight their audiences in exchange for only "lo que sea su voluntad joven, senito, caballero."

In France, Germany, the State of Spain, the Basque Country, Italy, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and in other parts of the world:

Negu Gorriak, Mano Negra, Hechos contra el Decoro, Color Humano, Sook and the Guay, JoaquÌn Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, Juan Perro, Ismael Serrano, Dut, Manu Chao, Hubert Cesarion, Ruben and Babakar, DKP, Ethnicians, Pushy!, La Huanda, Sree, Denise, P18, Ghetto 84, Radio Bemba, Banda Bassotti, Arpioni, Gang, Tupamaros, Klaxon, Radici Nel Cemento, R.D.E., Swoons, Another Fine Mess, Maltschicks, Dady Longleg, Jelly Gruel, Mundmachine, Lunchbox, Caution Sreams, Kommerzinfarkt, KJB, Deh-kadenz, Nervous, Ate Hands for Brains, The Evil Bad, Provisorium, Novotny Tv, Down The Stairs, Rubabs, Daisies, Plattrock, King Prawn, Steven Brown, Nine Rain y Tuxedo Moon, Tuxedo Moon, Paralamas, Xenreira, Planet Hemp, Fito P·ez, Charly Garcia, Todos tus Muertos, Los Guarros, Divididos, Ilya Kuryaki anda The Valderramas, AndrÈs Calamaro, Lumumba, Los Tres, Mercedes Sosa, LeÛn Gieco, Daniel Viglietti, Vicente Feliú, Rhytm Activism, Rage Against The Machine, Aztl·n Underground, Indigo Girls, Quetzal, Ozomatli, Jackson Browne, Los Skarnales, King ChangÛ, Sepultura.

We also know of groups and performers in Ireland, Greece, Nicaragua, Cuba, Canada, and many others in Italy, the United States, the State of Spain, France, Brazil, Germany and Mexico, whom we have heard about in the mountains of the Mexican southeast, but whose music has not reached us. There are many others who have spoken about us, have sung for us and who have made themselves heard for us.

Thanks to all those musicians, men and women, who, in Mexico and all over the world, have echoed the zapatista "Ya Basta!"

Once we have won, we are going to organize a super-mega-magna-hyper concert for everyone, with no time limits...and free! (You're kidding! You're going to end up playing only the San Jose marimba).

Vale. Salud and, doesn't the morning also arrive through song?

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, February of 1999.

Date: Moday, February 22, 1999 21:18:43 From: CONTACT OFFICE FOR THE CONSULTA <> Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN _____________________ Translated by irlandesa

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