We want to go with everyone

March 1, 1999.

To whom it may concern:

A communique and letter are off, both about the Consulta. I don't know right now how many brigades are coming or going, but I do know that they are all over the place, now in all 32 states.

We received an invitation for an act-rally at the UNAM. We'll certainly accept, we only ask them that the organization of the act be plural and inclusive. We're not going with any particular group, we want to go with everyone. For that reason we are asking them to send us the invitation with the names of the organizations, groups and individuals who are participating in the organization of this act. Ah, another thing; we're proposing that the date for the act be March 19. Sale?

We will take advantage of the moment to inform you that we are sending a special group of 12 zapatista delegates who will be visiting universities, teachers' schools and other middle and senior high schools. We are asking those who have sent us invitations (such as UNAM-Xochimilco, UNAM-Iztapalapa, UAM-Azapotzalco, UNAM, ENEP's, CCH's, ENAH and others), and those who are going to be doing so, to organize themselves for this, independently of the delegational coordinators, because it will affect the visits by the "university" delegates. We zapatistas have most certainly always wanted to study.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, March of 1999.

PD concerning cafeteria self-criticism. I have been inundated with criticisms and gestures for the tastless joke about the UAM-X cafeteria. Of course the menu is the envy of the finest chefs, it is lovely, it is inexpensive and it is delicious. There, then! Do you forgive me? By the way, the yes we answered is to all those who invited us.

PD ditto, but re: rock. Yes, I left out many groups in the letter in which I recognized and thanked the peace efforts by musicians all over the world. For example? Here are a few (with our thanks and our apologies for not having been included in the other letter). from Mexico: Los Vantrol, Revuelta, Marcos Laneta, Restos Humanos, Antidoping, Atico, Tortura Social, Skaleros Inocentes, Tolos Famus, Cruel Decepcion, Estados de Control, Engrudo, Neoplasma, Cresta en Boga, Masacre 9, Rabia Proletaria, Skarbame, Dolor y Odio, Sonora Skandalera, Rompiendo Cadenas. From other places: Doctor Calypso and Los Discipulos de Otilia (both from Cataluna), Brujeria and A.N.I.M.A.L. (both Chicanos), Dios Elefante (US), Wemean (Switzerland). Once I remember more, I'll let you know (it would be worthwhile sending cassettes, CD's, LP's, demos and even 45's and 78's).

La Jornada

March 4, 1999.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa 

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