7 years from what we call "the other uprising."

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
January 1, 2001.

To National and International Civil Society:


As you know, this January 12, 2001 it will have been 7 years from what we call "the other uprising" On that date, but in 1994, hundreds of thousands of men and women of all colors and from all classes went out into the streets in order to demand, from the EZLN as well as from the federal government, a cease-fire.

Since then, this has marked the entrance of all those men and women who have your face, Madame, in the struggle for the path of dialogue and negotiation in order to resolve the conflicts. The EZLN has demanded that the federal government fulfill the 3 minimal signals as a requisite for the beginning of a true dialogue. That is how we will be able to reach a firm, just and dignified peace. Those 3 signals are:
the withdrawal of 7 federal army positions in the so-called "conflict zone" (two have already been withdrawn, but there are still five left remaining to be withdrawn),
the release of all zapatista prisoners (only 17 have been released, and there are still almost 100 more),
and the constitutional recognition of indigenous rights and culture in accordance with the Cocopa legislative proposal.

We are demanding the fulfillment of those 3 signals, which are nothing other than 3 responses to 3 other questions:
Is the government going to commit itself to the path of dialogue and negotiation? If the answer is yes, then demilitarize those 7 places.
Does the government recognize the zapatistas as a party in the dialogue and negotiation? If the answer is yes, then do not treat us as criminals.
And, are they willing to recognize the indigenous as indigenous and as Mexicans? If the answer is yes, then the constitution should say so.
That is why we are calling on you, Madame, to mobilize this January 12 under this flag: the fulfillment of the 3 signals.

Vale, salud and may every day be like January 12, 1994.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
January of 2001.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

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