The state government is stealing the humanitarian aid intended for the victims of the flooding

Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Mexico.
September 12, 1998.

To Senor Mariano Palacios Alcocer.
President of the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), Mexico.

From: Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
CCRI-CG of the EZLN, Mexico.

Senor Palacios Alcocer:

The political party which you say you lead is carrying out, on chiapaneco lands, one of the most outrageous crimes of recent times. It would seem difficult to equal the cowardice, viciousness and treachery with which your organization (under orders from the federal government) perpetrated the Acteal massacre in December of 1997, but these days your political party, headed by Roberto Albores Guillen, is doing everything possible to achieve it. As you know, certainly from first hand, the chiapaneco PRI leadership and the state government are stealing the humanitarian aid intended for the victims of the Sierra and Coastal zones in Chiapas, and the little which does manage to arrive does so if, and only if, they belong to the PRI, or if their vote is committed in the next local elections. The primitive corruption of the chiapaneco PRI is now a treasonous crime against humanity, since it is one thing for Albores and his gang to spend the federal "social expenditures" on liquor and binges, but it is altogether different to appropriate humanitarian aid in the case of a disaster, or to use its distribution to buy votes. I hope, at the point at which you call on the citizens to vote for the PRI, you do so sincerely, and tell them that in Chiapas you possess the "medals" of Acteal, Union Progreso and Chavajeval, and to which can now be added the theft of thousands of millions of pesos in cash and material aid intended for the victims of the rains in the southeastern Sierra and Coast, and because of that, you are the "best" choice for the government. Yes, that, do not tell them that to govern they need, at the least, honesty, shame and dignity, nor should you confess that your leaders in Chiapas possess none of those three things, and that your only specialties are extortion, assassination and thievery (and it is with those that you have "governed" Chiapas).

That is all.

Salud and don't worry: there is no detergent capable of erasing that blood from your hands.

>From the mountains of Southeast Mexico.
By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee
- General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Mexico, September of 1998.
Month of the Homeland (which exists, despite you).

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