Enter Durito

When, after the last words, the screen has turned blue (okay, I know it's paper, but it's understood that I'm continuing with the video), a very few people stay and wait (they know that in some videos there's something else after the end). And so, when no one is expecting it (including me), a beetle appears on the screen (or on the paper) with the following speech:

Come! Come! No applause. May the women contain their sighs, may the men control their jealousy, may the children not throw insecticide on their Spiderman posters. Calm yourselves, because I, the great Don Durito of La Lacandona, will be here only for a few seconds and for the sole purpose of raising the ratings of this...video?

In truth, we're just including this part to be difficult, in order to ruin the predictions of those who thought there were only going to be seven parts, about the first gods and blah, blah, blah. And so this is the eighth, and another time there might well be a sixth.

In the name of the Management Committee (or the top dogs) of the Zapatista System of Intergalactic Television, we are not asking for your forgiveness for having distracted or disturbed you. We're leaving you once again with those so very "passionate" programs about ousters, ribbon cuttings, silver medals, the resounding progress of the "CU stadium box party" (dixit regarding the bribes), and, last but not least, the government report (I don't know why that appeals to you if you already know the outcome of that soap opera).

In the improbable event that someone would like to stay tuned to our channel, you will have the opportunity to witness...live and direct!...The Zapatoooooooooooona Olympiiiiiiiics! Yes, with the slogan of "lower, slower, weaker", the zapatistas will be demonstrating why they have trained for so long in order to lose. Just get in touch with your conscience, and you'll have the event wherever you are. Those who subscribe first will receive, in addition to our exclusive programming, an autographed poster (of modest proportions, five by five meters) of just me, but in a pose for which there aren't enough "X"s (restrictions apply).

Don't change the station, we will be back...

(Not to be continued...or, okay, yes, but later).

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
The Sup, running to the latrine thanks to some tamales, being careful not to go too fast, so he can arrive in second place (let's see if that way they might even "call" us first).
Mexico, August of 2004, 20 and 10.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN 
Translated by irlandesa

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