Marcos' message to solidarity groups meeting in Brescia

" the flowers, like hope, are harvested"

To the men and women in solidarity with Chiapas, Mexico
meeting in Brescia, Italy, September 1995.
To the peoples of the world.

Brothers and sisters,

In the name of all the men, women, children, and old people of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, I greet you and express our desire that the results of your encounter go well. We know we have brothers and sisters in other countries and continents. We are united by a world order that destroys nations and cultures.

The great international criminal, money, today has a name that reflects the incapacity of Power to create new things. We suffer a new world war today. It is a war against all of the peoples, of human beings, of culture, of history. It is a war headed by a handful of financial centres without homeland and without shame, an international war: money versus humanity. They call it Neoliberalism now, this Terror Intentional. The new international economic order has already provoked more death and destruction than the great world wars. More poor and more dead and we became brothers. We are united by dissatisfaction, rebellion, the desire to do something, inconformity.

History written by the Power taught us that we had lost, that cynicism and profit were virtues, that honesty and sacrifice were stupid, that individualism was the new god, and hope was devalued money, without value in the international markets, without buying power, without hope. We did not learn the lesson. We were bad pupils. We did not believe what the Power taught us. We skip school when in class they taught conformism and idiocy. We failed grades in modernity. Classmates in rebellion, we discovered and found ourselves brothers. We are united by the imagination, the creativity, the tomorrow. In the past we not only saw defeat but also we found desire for justice and dreams of being better. We left scepticism hanging on the clothes rack of big capital and we discovered that we could believe, that it was worth believing and that we should believe... in ourselves. We learn that solitude's that add to each other could be not a great solitude but a collective that is found and united above nationalities, languages, cultures races, genders.

We, the Zapatistas, continue being in the mountains of the Southeast of Mexico, we continue being surrounded, we continue being persecuted, we continue with death watching our every movement, each breath, each step. The government is still in the palace, still circling, still persecuting, still offering death and misery, still lying. More than a million Mexicans have manifested their agreement with our principal demands, in an unprecedented democratic exercise. Many brothers and sisters in foreign lands have ratified it. The government is still deaf. Tens of thousands of men and women mobilised themselves to support the CONSULTATION FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY.

The government is still blind. Hunger and illnesses drown our entire communities. The Federal Army increases their military actions and their preparations for assassination. The political parties deny recognition of citizenship to the Indigenous people. The media make themselves accomplices of the lie and the silence. The desperation and anger become the national heritage. We are ignored, despised, and forgotten. As is evident, the triumph is closer than ever. We are already preparing to form the Groups in Solidarity with the respective struggles of your countries. Be assured that we will support you to the end (which is not necessarily the triumph) and that we will not abandon you. You should not be discouraged by difficulties and you should resist. You should continue forward and know that in the mountains of Southeast Mexico there is a collective heart and that it is with you and supports you. Do not feel alone or isolated. We will keep attentive of you and will not forget you.

Vale. Health and don't forget that the flowers, like hope, are harvested.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
Mexico, August. 1995.

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