The alone-and-abandoned poll

To the National and International Press:
June 19, 2000

Ladies and gentlemen:

A communique' is off, with our position on the upcoming elections. It says what it says, which is enough. We ask for clemency for the editorial staff.

Meanwhile, here we are shivering. And not because the "croqueta" Albores has contracted with Alasraki to "improve" his image (Albores is probably already looking for work promoting dog food), nor over the six hundred thousand dollars he's going to pay them (with money originally earmarked for "resolving the conditions of poverty and marginalization of the chiapaneco indigenous" - Zedillo dixit). Nor because of the barking by the puppy Montoya Lie'vano (he's more nervous than ever because he's already discovering that it was his "boys" - his paramilitaries, that is - who were the ones responsible for the attack on Public Security in El Bosque on June 12). No, we are shivering because we are getting drenched by the rain. And, between the helicopters and the rain, we can't find good cover. The sea says, whatever, there are storms and storms and we still haven't made it to July 3. I sigh and curse the lack of umbrellas. What else can I do?

Salud, and look and see if there are any birth control pills around here. There is more than one ballot box in urgent need of them.

>From the Promotional Committee for the Useless Vote, excuse me, from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

SupMarcos Mexico, June of 2000.

P.D. That Tells an Ad Hoc Tale of the Current Times

Once upon a time there was a poll that was very alone and abandoned. It went here and there and no one paid it any attention. In desperation, the alone-and-abandoned poll went to see a specialist in marketing and image. The publicist cost the alone-and-abandoned poll very dearly, not just because of the check he had to pay him, but also for what the taxi cost which was waiting outside the offices for him. And the image consultant was much in demand by candidates of some official party. The alone-and-abandoned poll followed the consultant's directions to the letter, and he completely changed his "look" (check out how the P.D. is using a new vocabulary now). With this done, he went back to the party offices. Everyone received him with enthusiasm, and he became very famous and much sought after. While he was walking through the city streets, a child saw him and he asked his mother: Why is that mirror walking? Tan, tan.

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