Support letter for Leonard Peltier

The following letter was sent to US President Bill Clinton on April 7.

Mr President,

On June 25, 1975, two FBI agents were killed in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, without anyone ever finding out who was responsible for this crime. In a biased and fixed trial, Leonard Peltier, member of the Chippewa-Sioux Nation, was declared guilty for these acts as part of the permanent and systematic campaign against the indigenous men and women of North America who struggle for justice, democracy, and freedom. We know that this campaign is carried out by the government that you preside [over].

Today, the participants in this American Encounter for Humanity and against Neo-liberalism reunited in the Lacandona Jungle, who come from every corner of the Americas, demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of Leonard Peltier, a representative of North America's indigenous resistance, and the absolute respect for the human rights of the indigenous peoples on the continent.


Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos,
Comandante Tacho,
Mayor Insurgente Moises and more than 200 other signatures.

EZLN Support Letter for Peltier, May 19 from Green Left Weekly #230 5/8/96 Zapatistas support Peltier

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