We might drop in at Cancu'n

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
January 7, 2001.

To the national and international press:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The first of the information is off concerning our delegation's trip to Mexico City. We'll be leaving on February 25, because we're looking into whether we might drop in at Cancu'n. I mean, so we can get rid of a little of the paleness which the mountain gifts us with. We were going to include Tabasco in the itinerary, but, with so many interims coming and going, we'd certainly get lost.

What happened recently in Zinacanta'n (PRD vs. PRI) and in Chenalho' (PRI vs. PRI) (in both cases, incidentally, not one zapatista participated) demonstrates that the PRI continues to have many enemies. The main one is the PRI itself. And, if you don't believe me, pop into the State Congress of Chiapas. And then they were amazed that they lost the elections.

We know that Fox said it wasn't necessary for us to go to Mexico City, but, if we had to, we could go without ski-masks. We are very sorry: we are indeed going to go to Mexico City, and we are indeed going to wear ski-masks.

Organize, that is indeed going to be "a close shave".

What does not make us laugh is the bit about there being fewer than 10,000 soldiers in the Southeast military zone. Either Fox doesn't know how to count, or he's trying to be slick. Incidentally, note the federal army's following "contributions" to peace: they doubled the number of troops in the barracks at Cuxulja' and Roberto Barrios, they are continuing their checkpoints there, and they reinstalled the one at Amparo Agua Tinta.

Vale. Salud and, if you know how to count, how many times has Fox said contradictory things about Chiapas?

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos. Mexico, January of 2001.

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN _______________________ Translated by irlandesa

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