We are again taking the initiative in accepting this beginning to dialogue

April 3, 1995
To: Esteban Moctezuma Barragan,
Secretary of Government
From: Subcomandante insurgente Marcos
Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Chiapas, Mexico


Today I received your confidential letter dated March 30, 1995.

In it you proposed to me, as a sign of the political will of the EZLN, that we agree to a place, date and minimal agenda in order to initiate the dialogue with a first formal meeting. You should know that my companeros of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee-General Command of the EZLN have decided to give this sign as a response to the interest and mobilizations of the national and international civic society in trying to achieve a just and dignified peace. Our constant requests that the government give clear signs of reducing tensions to achieve a meeting were not given attention. My companeros think that, therefore, we should give an example as to what peace initiatives should address. For this reason they have accepted having this first meeting without the existence of even minimal conditions of security and trust. They ask me to challenge your government regarding peace initiatives and measures of reducing tension. This I do, I challenge you to compete against us to see who gives more real signs of reducing tensions and creating peace in the Mexican lands. For now, as it is evident, we are again taking the initiative in accepting this beginning to dialogue.

I hope that your government knows how to honor in its just dimensions this sign from the EZLN in initiating the dialogue, without the existence of even the most minimal measures of security for our delegates, and that the road to a peaceful solution to the conflict be followed.

That's all.


>From the mountains of Southeastern Mexico.
Subcomandante Insugente Marcos
Mexico, April 1995

La Jornada April 8 pg. 18 (translated by Cindy Arnold, volunteer, National Commission for Democracy in Mexico)

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