The rains are scratching about

Zapatista Army of National Liberation
January 1, 2001.

To the national and international press:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Two invitations are off, as well as information about what is going to be the Zapatista Information Center - as a ploy for being up to date on what is to come.

Here the cold and the rains are scratching about as if they want a place in the mobilization as well. What is going on in Tabasco is nothing other than stubborn reality contradicting the "velvet transition." But, if you think that is difficult, look at Durito who is (like Espinoza in Nicaragua) displaying symptoms of "generalized stress." The reason is that he's becoming anxious over our uncertainty about whether the zapatista delegation will be traveling to Mexico City by land.

And the "Air-Durito"? Does that mean he won't be able to sail in his sardine can? Should he then modify the "Durito-Bike"? Or has the time come to recycle "Pegasus", the fastest turtle in the Selva Lacandona? Or will the "Durito-Mole" be necessary if the subterranean route is chosen? There is no end to this matter. What? Yes, I agree. Like in Tabasco, namely, that it might end!

Vale, salud and I've already begun my aerobics (no, there's not going to be a Sup aerobics video).

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.
January of 2001

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

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