Durito and One About False Options

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Durito say that all the multiple options being offered by the Powers conceal a trap.

"Where there are many paths, and we're presented with the chance to choose, something fundamental is forgotten: all those paths lead to the same place. And so, liberty consists not in choosing the destination, the pace, the speed and the company, but in merely choosing the path. The liberty which the Powerful are offering is, in fact, merely the liberty to choose who will walk representing us," Durito says.

And Durito says that, in reality, the Power offers no liberty other than that of choosing among multiple options of death. You can choose the nostalgic model, that of the forgetting. That is the one which is being offered, for example, to the Mexican indigenous as being the most suitable for their idiosyncrasies.

Or you can also choose the modernizing model, that of frenetic exploitation. This is the one which is being offered, for example, to the Latin American middle classes as being most suitable for their patterns of consumption.

Or, if not, you can choose the futuristic model, that of 21st century weapons. This is the one, for example, being offered by the guided missiles in Iraq and which, so that there may be no doubt as to their democratic spirit, kill Iraqis as well as North Americans, Saudi Arabians, Iranians, Kurds, Brits and Kuwaitis (the nationalities which have accrued in just one week).

There are many other models, one for almost every taste and preference. Because if there is anything Neoliberalism is able to pride itself on, it is on offering an almost infinite variety of deaths. And no other political system in the history of humanity can say that.

Then Durito puts a vase with water on the little table, which is made of sticks, tied together with liana, and he says: "The Powers tell us, for example, that we have to choose between being optimists or pessimists. The pessimist sees the glass as being half empty, the optimist sees the glass as half full. But the rebel realizes that neither the vase, nor the water which it contains, belong to them, and it is someone else, the powerful, who fills it and empties it at his whim. The rebel, on the other hand, sees the trap. But he also sees the spring from which the water issues forth."

"And so, when the rebel faces the option of choosing between various paths, he looks further ahead and he looks twice: he sees that those routes lead to the same place, and he sees that there is no path to the place where he wishes to go. Then the rebel, instead of agonizing over polls which say that one path is better than the other because such and such a percent cannot be wrong, begins building a new path," says Durito, while handing out many "No's" on little pieces of paper of all colors, in front of North American embassies throughout the world, which, as everyone knows, look suspiciously like plastic burger shops.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, March of 2003.

Originally published in Spanish by Rebeldi'a 
Translated by irlandesa 

Rebeldi'a magazine Issue #5 http://www.revistarebeldia.org

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