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--Class Struggle, Capitalism and the State 

--Fighting and Defeating Racism

--Fighting for Women's Freedom

--Trade Unions and Revolution

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"...anarchism does not derive from the abstract reflections of an intellectual or a philosopher, but from the direct struggle of workers against capitalism, from the needs and necessities of the workers, from their aspirations to liberty and equality, aspirations which become particularly alive in the best heroic period of the life and struggle of the working masses..."

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926, The Organisational Platform of the  Libertarian Communists

     The Bikisha Media Collective, in conjunction with Zabalaza Books, has produced five new anarchist pamphlets since 1999. These may all be downloaded for free.  

BMC and Zabalaza Books, 2000, Anti-Imperialism and National Liberation
BMC and Zabalaza Books, 2000, Class Struggle, Capitalism and the State
BMC and Zabalaza Books, 2000, Fighting and Defeating Racism
BMC and Zabalaza Books, 2000, Fighting for Women's Freedom
BMC and Zabalaza Books, 2000, Trade Unions and Revolution

     We are also writing up further materials. In the pipeline are pamphlets on anarchism and environmental issues, anarchism versus Marxism, and a new history of anarchism.

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