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"Everything in this society: each enterprise taken separately, likewise the whole State system, is nothing but the rampart of capitalism, from where they keep a constant eye on the workers, where they always have ready the forces intended to repress all movements by the workers which threaten the foundation or even the tranquility of that society."

Peter Arshinov, Nestor Makhno and others, 1926, The Organisational Platform of the  Libertarian Communists

     Other Bikisha Media Collective work has involved writing in the press, and in the anarchist press in particular. here are some articles of interest:

Class struggles in South Africa:

from apartheid to neo-liberalism: 

The Bikisha Media Collective input for the international anarcho-syndicalist congress in Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2001

Revolutionary Anarchism and the

Anti-Globalisation Movement

This article argues for the need for revolutionary anarchists to orientate themselves towards the new "anti-capitalist" movement, but do so from a working-class, internationalist and  revolutionary perspective. Be active, be involved, be an an anarchist. Written for the journal of the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists in North America.   

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