Al Badil al Taharouri

This is a 'unoffical' page of information about the Lebonese anarchist group Al Badil al Taharouri. They are linked with the French group Alternative Libertaire and can be contacted through them at
Al Badil al Taharouri
c/o Alternative Libertaire,
BP 177,
75967 Paris cedex 20,

Al Badil al Taharouri translated Daniel Guerin's 'Anarchism' into Arabic and with the financial help of other anarchist groups internationally printed 4,000 copies of this. 2,000 were distributed amongst Arabic speaking communities in Europe with the remaining 2,000 being sent to the Lebanon and libraries throughout the 'Middle East'. A gif of the Arabic version is on the right, and here is a review of the English translation of the French original.

Articles by Al Badil al Taharouri

  An article about the general political situation in the Lebanon with a short piece also about the February 29th (1996) General Strike.

Articles about Al Badil al Taharouri

Al Badil al Taharouri attended the 1995 anarchist conference at Ruesta