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The Battle of Cancun
a closer look at the Anti-Globalization/ Global Justice Movement as it mobilized in Cancun, explaining how the infrastructure of resistance was set up, outlining the aims and objectives of the mobilization and evaluating the impact of the various different forms of protest and direct action on the general proceedings.

High Sea Adventures
Ocean Crossings in Search of the Revolutionary Atlantic. So we've been doing the rounds around the Caribbean, picking up bananas at a variety of ports. Heading towards the Dominican Republic, our ship the MV Suriname, a four thousand ton reefer vessel flying under a Panamanian flag, cuts through the breezy tropical sea at a steady eighteen knots.

Mara Salvatrucha, Social War and the Decline of the Revolutionary Movements in Central America (Dec 2004)
Once this was a place of great hope. Today it is a region convulsed by massive delinquency and chronic state corruption whose economies are surviving tenuously on remittance money sent by migrants.

Days of Crime and Nights of Horror (2004)
Reviewing: Days of War, Nights of Love: CrimethInc for Beginners (CrimethInc Workers' Collective, 2001) and Days and Nights of Love and War by Eduardo Galeano (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1983).

Zapatistas Renew Struggle with Anger and Fire [Jan 1, 2003]
Report of San Cristo'bel demonstration marking 9th Anniversary of Zapatisata armed uprising

The Writer as Freedom Fighter, The Freedom Fighter as Writer [late 2002]
If our real desire is to destroy global capitalism, when is the time to propagate the word and when is the time to act? Is there a time when the word becomes mute and actions speak louder? And when is the time that action should once more be subsumed by the word? Such strategic and tactical questions of praxis underlie the life work of the subjects of these two books

International Solidarity In The Light of Global Resistance [June 2002]
Chiapas has been a good training ground for anti-globalization activists, and an inspiration for organizing and strategic thinking. Ramor Ryan argues that it is time to renovate existing models of solidarity.

Autonomy and a Song (Feb 2002)
Zapatista grass-roots communities began to organise their own Autonomous Municipalities in 1996. Beyond the usual political spectrum, beyond State Capitalism, beyond and against modernity and against the development illusion. Autonomy is the place we can begin to dream again.

Death and Terror in Genoa [July 2001]
The walls went up around the old quarter of Genoa, enclosing the Group of 8 (G8) and their cohorts. Huge heavy walls of concrete and metal, like medieval fortifications or prison fences, walls to keep the people out, the world leaders penned in.

Zapatistas in the Light of the New Era (2001)
Surreal and unimaginable events taking place in Mexico as Zapatistas arrive in Mexico city

Diez de Abril for the 21st Century,
a Zapatista Community enters its 7th year on occupied land, the fruit of the1994 Uprising.

A Carnival of Dreams and the Brazilian Left (1999)
Brazil and the Landless Movement, a Zapatista gathering in the Amazon

Mayday in Berlin
A description of the annual  mobilizations from an Anarchist perspective

Breakthrough in Chiapas Peace Process? (2000)
Written at the time of Fox's inauguration


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