West African Anarchism

Anarchism, revolutionary syndicalism and anti-authoritarian movements in West Africa

In the 1990's, for the first time in living memory, anarchist groups began to appear in West Africa. The Awareness League, A Nigerian group which joined the IWA, was formed in the early nineties and went on to play an active part in the resistance against the military rule. Recently they have established a radio station in South Eastern Nigeria. Reports reached the West from Sierra Leone, about a branch of the IWW which had formed there and apparently had some impact in organising efforts before the military coup, which may sadly have ended their functionning.

European anarchists also established contacts with syndicalists in Senegal. These are only tenuous beginnings, and given the difficulty in communicating to the West from Africa, we know very little about these groups. Still, it is certain that they represent a new and hopeful departure in West Africa. Furthermore, in recent years several anarchists from the West have visited West Africa and met anarchists there, their accounts can hopefully help towards an understanding of the political and economic reality of this part of the world.


Awareness League - Nigeria

Documents of the Awareness League

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POB 1920
Enugu State

IWW - Sierra Leone

Communiques from an IWW representative in Sierra Leone

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    Ordinary Nigerian people took to the streets in celebration on June 8 after hearing that murderous dictator General Sani Abacha, 54, had died. from Workers Solidarity Magazine - Autumn 1998

Personal Accounts

A US anarchist in Nigeria:

An Irish anarchist in Africa

Rest of West Africa

Personal Accounts

An Irish Anarchist in Africa


Mali    from Senegal to Timbuctu,  March 2000

Burkina Faso    Big Men and little people  March 2000

Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)     The Cote De Khaki,  April 2000

    A report written 100 days after Robert Guei's military coup

Ghana    Pray for Ghana  May 2000

Togo    5 glorious days  May 2000

Benin    Sightseeing in Benin   May 2000

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