Radio Station Set Up by Nigerian Awareness League

Report from Lagos

Hello all AL radio project supporters!

This is DL Nevin in Lagos, Nigeria. I am happy to report that all of the equipment got through customs without a hitch. It is all here, and safe. The site of the radio station will probably be in Afikpo, near Calabar. Sam Mbah and I will head out for Enugu (in the East) Thurs. morning. I had a reception with some journalists from the National Times plus 6 AL members here in Lagos. A story about my trip will appear Sun. in their paper. The biggest AL chapter is in Enugu, where another reception is planned. I was on a big radio station here as a guest spinning International Hip-Hop. It reaches 1 million people at peak listening times. Lagos is 8 million, but there are only 6 FM radio stations. FM radio in private hands started only in 1994.

We visited the site of Fela Kutis' shrine in Ikeja. All that is left is a wall with a few murals. The rest is torn down. Sad. Lagos was described by Fela as a slowly rotting corpse- basically the pollution is terrible, and traffic jams everywhere. Communications network is very bad, and the lights are on about less than half the time. People are friendly here, and the food is not bad. Will send more reports later. Since I've been here the last 4 days our car has been stopped 6 times by police looking for bribes. We have refused to pay each time since our documents are in order.

More Later- Thanks again all who contributed to this project.

DL Nevin - email (773) 377-5006 x7725 - voicemail/fax

Posted to on 16th May 2000

Awareness League Radio Project Plans

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From: DL Nevin <>
Date: Thu Apr 13, 2000 8:51pm
Subject: Awareness League Radio Project Plans

Hello Friends and Comrades,

My name is Tim "DL" Nevin. Many of you probably know me already, but in case you don't, I am a friend of Sam Mbah's and of the Awareness League in Nigeria. The Awareness League is a 1000 member Anarcho-Syndicalist group in Nigeria that is organizing alternatives to the corrupt mainstrem unions. They are a social movement which is expanding.

This letter is to let everyone know of my current plans for an upcoming trip to Nigeria on May 8th, 2000. I am associated with the Autonomous Zone here in Chicago, as well as the local low-powered FM community radio station "Free Radio West Town". Ever since Sam stayed with me on his book promotional tour 2 years ago, we have been in contact via email. While he was in Chicago he was interviewed by myself for Free Radio West Town, an interview which was later aired. Sam and his fellow comrades in the Awareness League have expressed intense interest in starting up their very own low-powered FM Radio station in Nigeria. With my trip, I intend to deliver all the equipment for such a station, and assist in set-up, training, etc. Ever since the death of military dictator Sani Abacha, a few years ago, the political climate has warmed quite a bit. There is now more room for freedom of expression, including dissenting opinions. The Awareness League are now going through the regular channels to get an actual license so the station will have legal protection. All they need is the equipment and the expertise. The station will be quite similar technically to Free Radio West Town- 100 watt stereo, with the capability to broadcast to a radius of 5-10 miles depending on the antenna height. This covers lots of potential listeners in an urban area like Enugu City. As a founding member of our radio station here in Chicago, I have been operation this same equipment for over 2 years. Of course all parts will be tested before being taken over.

The only thing that remains in order to make this trip a success are funds in order to purchase the equipment and the plane tickets. The expenses are as follows...

1. Radio Equipment (transmitter, power supply, SWR meter, antenna, 100 feet RG-8 coaxial cable). (~$1,200).

2. Audio Equipment- (mixing board with balanced outputs, 2 CD players, Double cassette deck, turntable, microphone, connectors, etc.) (~$800) (Some of these can be bought in Nigeria).

3. Airline tickets- My plan is to go by bus to New York, Fly to London, and get an economical flight to Lagos, Nigeria. (round-trip ~$1000).

estimate of total needed: $3,000. (I would pay for my own expenses while in Nigeria.) This trip cannot happen without your support. All donations are tax deductable, and can be sent to:

Tim DL Nevin xxxxx

or; AL-Nigeria Radio Project c/o Aspect Foundation P.O. Box 853, Stuyvesant Station New York, NY 10009

Thank you very much for your support in helping to make this vision a reality. If donors send me their email addresses, I will make a list and keep everyone updated on the progress of the trip as well as updates from Nigeria when possible. Any Questions? please email me at "esperanto@o...", or call evenings (773)235-3520. -Tim "DL" Nevin

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