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"Knowledge is the Key to be Free"


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Catalogue & Journals

Zabalaza Books Catalogue No. 4

Zabalaza: A Journal of Southern African Revolutionary Anarchism No. 1


Zabalaza Books' Bulletins

Freedom Bulletin No. 1
Political Vs. Anarchist Organisation

Freedom Bulletin No. 2
Capitalism is Slavery / What is Anarcho-Syndicalism?

Freedom Bulletin No. 3
What's Wrong with the Unions? / Marxism, Russia and the Unions

Freedom Bulletin No. 4
Capitalism / The State / Class

Freedom Bulletin No. 5
Yini i-Anarcho-syndicalism (Zulu Only!)

Freedom Bulletin No. 6
A New World / Organise / Breaking Free

Freedom Bulletin No. 7
World Community NOT Global Economy

Freedom Bulletin No. 8
...and they said we couldn't do it!
(About the "Workers Paradise" in Mexico)

Freedom Bulletin No. 9

Freedom Bulletin No. 10
Crime & Punishment by Errico Malatesta

Freedom Bulletin No. 11
"Fight for Africa, which you deserve"
(The Industrial Workers of Africa in South Africa, 1917 - 1921)

Freedom Bulletin No. 12
Anarchism and Freedom by Errico Malatesta

Freedom Bulletin No. 13
Democracy for our Unions: An Anarchist View


South African Anarchist Pamphlets

Freedom for All: An Introduction to Anarchism

Fighting and Defeating Racism

Anti-Imperialism and National Liberation

Class Struggle, Capitalism and the State

Fighting for Womens Freedom

Trade Unions and Revolution

Class Struggles in South Africa: from Apartheid to Neo-Liberalism
by the Bikisha Media Collective

Various Anarchist Pamphlets

Anarchism: From Theory to Practice by Daniel Guerin  

African Socialism: An Anarchist Critique

The Capitalist System by Mikhail Bakunin

Power & Authority by Mikhail Bakunin  

The Russian Revolution Destroyed:
The Nature and Strategy of Bolshevism

An Anarchist Programme & Anarchist Propaganda
by Errico Malatesta

Towards A Fresh Revolution by the Friends
of Durruti 

Trotsky Protests too Much by Emma Goldman  



Durritis Answer

The Capitalist Pyramid

For a Free Humanity

Rampant Robbery or... How Mr. Capital gets his daily bread

Rampant Robbery or... How Mr. Capital gets his daily bread (Zulu)

Voting Only Allows Us to Choose Our Masters... (Zulu)

Voting Only Allows Us to Choose Our Masters... (English)

Time for Change? (English)

Time for Change? (Zulu)

"Knowledge is the Key to be Free"



What is Direct Action?  

The Bosses Need Us...   We Dont Need Them  

Organising in the Workplace  


Organising Manuals

Anarchist Organising Manual

Community Organising Manual

How to Fire Your Boss  

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