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The prices of these pamphlets have all been raised to the nearest 50 cents to make ordering easier. However, we do not pay ourselves for the work that we do, all money that we might make goes straight back into the book service i.e. ordering more books, postage for ordering etc. The number of pages (i.e. size) determines the price of the pamphlets.

Postage Details:
You can send payments in the form of postal order. If so, address postal orders to "Zabalaza Books" or, alternatively, you can deposit money into account number 6201670056 at any branch of ABSA Bank. Please contact us to inform us of your deposit as soon as you have done so.

Postage Costs:
Postage Costs R2,50 per envelope. We send a maximum of +/- R15,00's worth of pamphlets per envelope (except in the case of the spiral bound books which we send 1 copy per envelope). For international orders, the prices are R10,00 for surface mail and R50,00 for Airmail. Please don't forget to include this in the amount you send. If not enough is sent, we will, unfortunately, have to send you less literature.

The following also needs to be mentioned:
We do not condone the patriarchal language used in any of these publications.
We do not necessarily share all the views expressed in these publications
There is no copyright on any of these publications. They were neither written nor published to make a profit. Please feel free to reproduce them. If you would like to do so, write to us for copies of the covers on a white background to make re-printing them clearer.


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