North African Anarchism

Anarchism & revolutionary syndicalism in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

In this North African anarchism page, we include information about anarchism in the middle east since, from before the days of ancient Egypt and before there have been strong influences between the two regions, in both directions.

Anarchism in Northern Africa and the Middle East have a longer history than in most other parts of the continent. The late 19th and early 20th century produced several anarchist publications and prominent individuals in Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt & Tunisia. The first anarchist publication in this part of the world, appeared as long ago as 1877, in Alexandria, Egypt. Much of the early anarchist influences sprung up among migrant Italian workers who spread across much of the Mediterranean region in the late 19th century.

However, these libertarian strands were generally eclipsed by the Nationalist, and to a lesser extent Marxist, movements which rose to prominence during the national liberation struggles against colonialism However in recent years, anarchism has started to reappear in several North African and Middle Eastern countries. There are active anarchist groups, intellectuals and trade unionists in Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Israel and Morocco, although we still have very limited information about them.

Organisations & Individuals


Al Badil al Taharouri

This group whose name means "Libertarian Alternative" are currently active in Lebanon, they have links to the French group Alternative Libertaire, and have participated in European anarchist conferences.


The CNT-F (French anarchosyndicalist group) have contacts in Algeria


Arabic texts in the social sciences from the libertarian (radical left wing) view.

We are Egyptian writers and researches participating in the libertarian radical left wing. That site includes some of our writings in Arabic


There is a group active in the trade unions there but for the moment no additional details are available.


A Home page for East Mediterranean Libertarians

A page coming from Israel/Palestine, with information on anarchism in the region.



A page containing several articles about the anarchist and situationist history of North Africa and the middle East

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