Anarchism and Religion

Anarchists traditionally have a hostile attitude to religion, summed up by the slogan 'No Gods, No Masters'. As often as not this is reinforced by the alignment of organised religion with capital and the state.

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Anarchism and Religion
The popular stereotype of anarchists' relationship to religion is that we are all priest-killers and church-burners. This is, as is usually the case with mainstream representations of anarchism, almost completely false.

Religion & belief
We believe that people should be empowered to be in control of their own destinies. That means opposing the power of the churches.

Anarchism & Religion
WSM position paper

Church power in the south... [1991]
The Catholic church in Ireland has always been massively supported by the State and allowed a huge say in the running of the country. This article will attempt to cover the facts of church power in Ireland and the long history of State support beginning hundreds of years be fore the establishment of the 26 county state\

Catholic church seeks state aid for child abuse! [1993]
THE CATHOLIC Church is looking for payment in return for sexually abusing children! Right up to the 1960s young children from Catholic orphanages in Britain and the six counties were shipped out to Australia. There the boys, some as young as eight years, were used as almost slave labour by Catholic farmers and the Church itself

Child molesters & Churchmen [1995]
When the case of Father Brendan Smyth, the paedophile priest, came out, the whole country was revolted. Here was an unrepentant child molester, carrying out sexual assaults on hundreds of children over a period of forty years, with the full knowledge of the Catholic Church.

Divorce Victory: Clerical Power Weakened [1996]
In the past few years, issues concerning the family and the place of women have been at the centre of Irish politics - in part because Catholic church thinking has long dominated these areas of life in Ireland. Things first began to change for the better in the early 1970s when women began to fight back against Church rule.

Employment Equality Bill [1997]
The Employment Equality Bill effectively gives schools and hospitals which are controlled by either of the churches the right to discriminate on the basis of marital status, family/parental status, sexual orientation, race, religion or membership of the Traveller Community

Church sells off The Secret Garden [1997]
There has been a Community Training Workshop in the grounds of All Hallows College for the past fifteen years. The workshop takes most of its trainees from the prisons and the probation service. Their landlord (the Catholic Church) has sold the land the workshop is on to a private housing developer

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