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Spanish Anarcho-syndicalists demonstrate in Madrid
A figure of twenty to twenty-five thousand demonstrated on December 2nd in what is the largest so far of a series of mainly 'black-and-red' demonstrations carried out in Madrid and other Spanish towns over the last few years.

Bashing the Black Bloc?
In the wake of the G8 protests in Genoa, Ray Cunningham, who took part in the demonstrations there, looks at the future for the Black Bloc and the 'anti-globalisation' movement.

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Anarchist organisations meet in Madrid [2001]

Report on the LibWeek 2001 meeting hosted by the CGT in Madrid and a review of the declaration it issued

Syndicalism : Its strengths & weaknesses

The main organisational form in libertarian politics today is syndicalism. Alan MacSimon, a delegate to Dublin Council of Trade Unions who has also attended a European gathering of revolutionary unions looks at the potential, and limits, of syndicalism.

Rebels at Ruesta

In August 1995 an international gathering of libertarian communists took place in Ruesta, Spain. A week of discussions took place and at the end a declaration was drawn up. We present here extracts from the WSM delegates' report on the week and the agreed declaration.

Anarchism today

Anarchism to-day is growing in all of the Eastern European countries. As it was isolated for some 70 years in the soviet union and 40 years in Eastern Europe it will be a slow and painful process. In the west the anarchist movement grew slowly throughout the 80's and is now in the process of re-examining the anarchist tradition.

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Review: African Anarchism: The history of a movement

This book is written by two members of the Awareness League, a 1000-strong anarcho-syndicalist organisation in Nigeria

Interview: International organisation

The I.W.A.was formed at the 1922 Berlin Congress of Revolutionary Unionist organisations. This congress had been convoked by the CNT and USI in response to the formation of the Red Trade Union International


The international
'Anarchist Platform'

We invite you to look at the 'Anarchist Platform' points and if you agree with them to subscribe to this international anarchist mailing list

Read the 'Anarchist Platform'

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Czech Republic

From the Czech Republic: Why we organise against the IMF

The Czech anarchist organisation Solidarita/Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists is working as part of INPEG, the Czech alliance organising the protests in Prague this September. Vadim Barek, Solidarita's international secretary explains what the IMF means to workers in the Czech republic and why they are organising against the summit.

Anarchism with a future - The Czech Republic

Kevin Doyle talks to Vadim Barák of the Solidarita organisation in the Czech Republic about the problems and possibilities facing anarchists in the process of rebuilding a revolutionary movement.

Irish eyewitness report on S26 demonstration in Prague

I had chosen to march with the anarchist block that headed up (and indeed comprised the majority of) the blue march. The front of this was taken up by Czech anarchists followed by anarchist from the other Eastern European countries numbering perhaps a thousand in all. Holding the banners down one side of the march and taking position behind the eastern Europeans were anarchists from all the western European countries and a large number of automnen from Germany. This anarchist block probably numbered at least 3,000

Czech Anarchists battle Fascists


Russian Anarchism: After the fall

Although many classical anarchist theorists and figures came from Russia, the advent of the Soviet State effectively crushed the movement. Now anarchism is reborn in Russia. Laure Akai and Mikhail Tsovma write from Moscow to tell us a little about the trials and tribulations of the new Russian anarchist movement.

Coup in Russia; Anarchists banned

As we go to press the 'coup' in Moscow has just ended, although the question of whose coup it was still seems open. In any case it was no more than an argument between two equally undemocratic wings of the ruling class.

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Anarchists in Russia's far east

World anarchisT News

Anarchist East-West Co-operation


Italian Anarchism...Get back to where you once belonged

Italy is one of the historical strongholds of the anarchist movement. Donato Romito, the international secretary of the Italian Federation of Anarchist Communists (Fd.C.A), provides an overview of the anarchist movement in Italy today, the organisations and publications that comprise it and the direction it should take in the future.

Interview with Italian anarchist

Italy seems all bad news these days with the new government coalition's that is a mix of the neo-fascist party National Alliance, the separatist Lega Nord and Forza Italia the party of the media tycoon, Berlusconi. A member of the Florence affiliate of the Italian Anarchist Federation tells us of some of the problems facing progressives in Italy.

The Italian Job

Florence has to be one of the most beautiful cites in Italy. Thanks to the hospitality of some friends in the Anarchist Movement of Florence (MAF) three members of the Workers Solidarity Movement were recently able to visit this city. During the week we spent there we were able to be tourists by day and meet with anarchists by night.


Interview with the SAC

Kevin Doyle of the Workers Solidarity Movement interview's Lars Hammarberg, an organiser with the Swedish syndicalist union the Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC)

This is not SIPTU

The Central Organisation of Swedish Workers (SAC) is a union which describes itself as syndicalist and libertarian socialist.

Swedish trade union stays Libertarian

A recent discussion in the SAC saw the union reaffirm its libertarian politics

Swedish libertarian socialist murdered by fascists

SWEDISH FASCISTS murdered a long time trade unionist last October. Björn Söderberg was an activist of the 'libertarian socialist' Swedish Workers Central Organisation (SAC) union


Anarchism in the Land of the Rising Sun (and falling Yen)

In Japan anarchist ideas were first popularised by Kotoku Shusui and the movement grew despite severe repression into the 1920's.


Review: The Spanish CNT and the struggle in Puerto Real

This pamphlet is based on a talk by Pepe Gomez of the CNT's Puerto Real/Cadiz section given in London in October 1993. It is based on the long running battle between the CNT and the shipyard bosses.

General strike in Spain

Spain was closed down by a general strike in January. An Irish worker in Barcelona, and activist in the anarchist National Confederation of Labour (CNT-AIT) union, sent us this report.

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Middle East

Pogroms in Palestine

An Israeli anarchist on Jewish resistance to the Israeli state

News from the land of the Cedars

An article by a Lebanese anarchist on the struggle in Lebanon

"Anarchism" in Russian and Arabic

Daniel Guerin's book "Anarchism" has been translated in Russian and Arabic for the first time.

Anarchism in Arabic

Daniel Guerins book Anarchism has been published in Arabic but your help is needed with its distribution.

South America

The anarchist struggle in South America [In French]

Anarchists are once again on the march, their voices are being heard in mass social movements after many years of silence, and their message of self-organisation against capitalism is being listened to by an ever growing number of workers.

Mexican Anarchism

A report on a recent anarchist conference in Mexico

Feb 2001 - What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?

In an article written for the Irish Mexico Group's magazine 'Chiapas Revealed' Andrew Flood takes a personal look at why the Zapatistas have attracted international support and why many activists see them as an example of a different way of organising

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Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism

Many African countries are chronically broke. They must regularly borrow money to finance the public sector and to service their existing debt. The IMF is willing to provide loans as long as the government will carry out a neo-liberal reform package, known as a Structural Adjustment Program (SAP)

Jan 2001 - An Irish anarchist in Africa

The previous international secretary of the WSM, Chekov Feeney, spent 2000 travelling over land through Africa. His personal diary accounts of each country and now online

South Africa

South African Anarchists Organise

In 1989 one of the first anarchist organisations in modern African history came into existence. This was the Awareness League of Nigeria.Now a further organisation has begun to work for the objective of anarchism in Africa - this is the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) of South Africa.

After Apartheid: Anarchism and the 'new' South Africa

Just three years after the famous elections that ended apartheid in April 1994, South Africa's reforms are in crisis and dissatisfaction is rising. In a wide ranging interview we ask the Workers Solidarity Federation for their views on what has happened since the end of apartheid. Interview by Kevin Doyle.

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Bengali workers fight 7-day week

The National Garment Workers Federation which has links with anarcho-syndicalists unions is fighting against a 7 day week.

Revolutionary Veteran speaks at Bulgarian anarchist conference

Report on the 8th Congress of the Bulgarian anarchist federation

World anarchist news

CGT Doubles vote in Union Elections - Australian Anarchism

If the cops don't like you

Class War meeting banned in Dublin

Class war is over: Long live the Class War

The British Class War Federation has dissolved itself and published a final issue of its paper. We look at why they took this decision.

The fight against fascism...yesterday and tomorrow

On February 15th, the 'Plume Noire' anarchist bookstore was plastered with fascist stickers. At around 5am the bookshop was completely destroyed in an obviously well orchestrated incendiary attack.

Anarchist ex-Black Panther to speak in Ireland

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin speaking tour, US political prisoner and ex-Black Panther was speaking in Ireland in May of 1997. This article explains who he is.

Anarchists raided in Canada

The Canadian state has raided anarchists in Quebec in response to growing social unrest.

World anarchist news

Four short pieces from Germany, Spain, Belorussia and Poland about anarchist activities in those countries.

513 Anarchists arrested in Greece

On November 18th this year after an overnight battle with police and fascist gangs on one side and Greek anarchists on the other riot police stormed Athens Polytechnic and arrested 513 of the 2000 mostly anarchist occupiers.

Anarchist students win in Australian NUS elections

World Anarchist News

Anarchism in France

International shorts

- Nigeria: Raids on anarchist meetings - Asian unions check out anarchism - Moldova: Anarchists allowed to leave


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Red and Black Ireland

News of Anarchism in Ireland

The Ainriail mailing list carries the latest news from the WSM and the struggles anarchists are involved in. There are never more then 8 posts a week (and normally only 2-4). We post printed articles to it shortly after they are published.

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Whatever happened to the AWG

Our welcoming of the AWG was mainly based on a number of reasons. Their experience within DAM had led them to reject Syndicalism They also accepted the basis of the Platform of the Libertarian Communists, On Ireland they took a firm anti-imperialist line, and actually took place in activity around this. Now just over two years later the AWG no longer exists.