Libertarians Against Nice: Requiem for a Dream

Twas a cold day in September when a motley crew assembled in Dublin's Teachers' Club - their mission to establish an Anarchist campaign against Nice. The founding meeting drew approximately 40 people from all over the Island. Fierce competition took place for the various co-ordinator positions - not. Many a name - some deranged, some just downright silly - were tossed about until the ghost of John McGuffin appeared & at gunpoint forced us to choose Libertarians Against Nice

Even this name haunted us; "journalists" in the News of World mistook it for Libertines against Nice. Sit down comedians referred to Librarians against Nice. But despite this asperity we forged ahead.

Action guaranteed, yes indeed; LAN fought the campaign on many fronts. From Limerick to Louth, Kinsale to Kildare, Dundalk to Donegal the battle raged. Even in Dublin we put up a fight. Some dodgy moments one dark night in the Liberties I got lost and feared my co-canvasser would eat me (he closely resembled Chewbacca).

50,000 (count 'em) leaflets were distributed, hundreds of posters of various types went up. There was also the student LAN leaflet which took our fight to the ivory towers of academia. Thirteen press releases issued but didn't get the coverage they deserved.

The No message the media liked to cover was that of Justin Barret; when Dustin's attendance at a Neo-Nazi Rally was revealed they tried to tar all the No campaigns with the fascist links smear. Like the other No groups we were up against the vested media interests.

We picketed the IBEC pro-Nice conference, pointing out their anti-worker attitudes and opposition to any increase in the minimum wage. This at least got us TV coverage, not from those with the public service remit though. We had to rely on the freebooters of TV3.

So, we lost. Could we have won? I don't know, the forces ranged against us were so great: all the establishment parties, IBEC, ICTU, various Churches, the Media, the Dustin Trojan Horse. But ours was a fight different from the other campaigns.

There was no National Committee, no Chairperson, as secretary I circulated information, not orders. The Media Co-ordinator issued Press Releases & arranged interviews rather than building up his own profile.

Regional Co-ordinators carried out their work without the need of a Puppet-master in Dublin.

That's the way to do it!

Pat C

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