Grassroots Gathering Mark III - Another Great Success

The weekend of the 26th-27th of October saw over 120 anarchists and other libertarian activists converge on Belfast in a place called Giro's, which is a spacious social centre that is home to the Belfast Youth and Community Group (BYCG). The centre proved to be the perfect surroundings for the gathering, with its café, office space, library and hall making it entirely conducive to political and social interaction, i.e. eating together, getting drunk and shouting about politics.

But aside from that, many concrete plans and ideas emerged from the many workshops during the two days, including the formation of a grassroots network against the war, based on regional structures, the possible staging of Reclaim The Streets Belfast, and the suggestion to hold the next People's Global Action conference in Ireland. In fact the only problem that seemed to occur was that of two or more interesting workshops coinciding and the sheer lack of time to attend everything.

A special word of thanks has to go out to the Belfast crew for all their hard work and the organisation of this, the third Grassroots Gathering. It was a roaring success thanks to their hospitality and meticulous attention to detail!

The next Grassroots Gathering will take place in Limerick on Patrick's Day weekend in 2003. In the meantime, stay tuned for details on local actions and come to Shannon Warport to protest on the 8th of December!


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