Thats capitalism

Brazilian ranchers truly believe in the "free" market - by which they mean that labour should not be paid for. So far this year, 1,149 people have been freed from slavery. Between 1995 and 2002, more than 4,500 rural workers were freed from slavery.


THE EU spends the equivalent of US$2.20 on agricultural subsidies each and every day for each and every cow in Europe. Meanwhile 1.5 billion people exist on US$1.00 or less per day.


The US government has given a private company the OK to start commercialising the moon. The TransOribal Corporation of California is expecting money to start rolling in within two years. When were we asked if we wanted to give the US government rights to the moon???


And you thought house prices had gone crazy here In the English town of Sidford a former fish shop has been converted into a 'house' that measures 15ftx 10ft. It went on the market for ¤93,800. It has one room, with a tiny kitchenette and shower extension. Upstairs is a bedroom just four feet high at its tallest point.


According to the Mainstream Media Project, Bread for the World Institute, and the 2001 United Nations Development Report the world's poorest nations, where 800 million are hungry and 40 million are infected with HIV, could solve their basic problems of food, clean water and health care with only 4% of the combined wealth of the 225 richest people on the planet.


The Vincent de Paul charity is paying for medical care to ensure that poor people who are extremely ill do not die on waiting lists. In one case an elderly woman with gangrene in both feet was refused admission to a south Dublin hospital as there were no available public beds. When the local SVP paid for private treatment she was admitted immediately.


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