Reclaiming the planet - building a movement in Ireland

Over the last few years the libertarian/anarchist movement in Ireland has started to grow significantly. Beyond the number of new organisations there are also far more people choosing to become active on a libertarian basis. The popularity of Reclaim the Streets is one demonstration of this.

Their press release for September 22nd described how RTS events are also "demonstrations of our desire to have a say in how our city and our environment is run, demonstrations of an alternative vision of how public space should be used, demonstrations of ordinary peoples' ability to organise their own celebrations, based on co-operation and mutual aid instead of competition and greed. Our demonstrations are celebrations of the range of visions of our world that are present in our society. We do not shout towards the deaf ears of politicians, instead we aim to empower people and give them a sense of their own potential for creativity and organisation."

There are lots of other groups in Ireland that are organising along similar lines, "to empower people and give them a sense of their own potential for creativity and organisation". As we grow it is important that we continue to build on the links between the different organisations and people involved in the movement. Last year included two successful events aimed at doing just that, the Grassroots Gatherings held in Dublin (November 2001) and Cork (March 2002). These brought 70 or 80 people together into a couple of days of workshops, parties and action.

In October the Grassroots Gathering moves north of the border to Belfast. It will be held Oct 26-27 in Giros (Belfast Youth and Community Group hall), at 1/5 Donegal Lane, Belfast. This should be the biggest gathering to date, if you want to network with other libertarian activists and exchange experiences and laughs, make sure you get along.

More information, write to Grassroots Gathering c/o PO Box 505, Belfast, BT12 6BQ, email

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This edition is No72 published in September 2002