A bosses Europe or an anarchist Europe?

What EU bosses want

What anarchists want

  • Europe-wide privatisation, cutbacks and layoffs
  • a Europe that exploits Africa and Asia for profit
  • 'fortress Europe' with racist immigration controls
  • patents and profits from medical drugs
  • ever more cops, jails and surveillance to protect their wealth
  • a Rapid Reaction Force to enforce corporate rule on the globe
  • European nationalism v. the globe
  • workers' self-management, expansion of public services
  • solidarity with the peoples of Africa and Asia as part of an international revolution
  • the free movement of all people without border controls
  • free medical drugs for all who need them
  • an end to inequality and the system that protects it
  • an end to their militarisation, war and armies No war on Iraq!
  • Global workers' solidarity

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This edition is No72 published in September 2002