'Libertarians against Nice' launched

At the start of September anarchists and other libertarian socialists met in Dublin to form 'Libertarians against Nice'. LAN is a network of groups and individuals across Ireland campaigning against the Nice treaty from a libertarian perspective. We are making opposition to capitalist globalisation, Fortress Europe, militarism and the expansion of police powers the basis of our campaign. We also intend to put forward a positive view of a libertarian Europe as an alternative to the bosses' Europe proposed in the Nice treaty.

All the Irish anarchist organisations are involved in LAN as well as a large number of individuals from other campaign groups. LAN is setting up local groups all over the country to campaign for a No vote in the referendum. The founding meeting also agreed to produce at least 50,000 leaflets and hundreds of posters.

We would strongly encourage all our readers to get involved in LAN. Write to us and we will send you material or contact LAN at contactLAN@yahoogroups.com, phone 087 7501473. You can also download posters and leaflets from the LAN web site at http://more.at/stopnice

Review: Libertarians against Nice website

As we face into the Nice treaty you may find yourself lost in the complexity of it all. The Treaty itself is almost impossible to understand unless you are a European law expert and the government summaries are fairly useless.

Fortunately Libertarians Against Nice have put up a web site that explains what a lot of it is about. Specific articles cover topics like Nice and Globalisation, Nice and Fortress Europe and Nice & militarisation. Alongside this and extensive selection of links provide further information on these areas from all over the web. Finally if you are very motivated there are links to the official online version of the Treaty on the EU site and other documents relevant to it.

The articles do a good job of explaining things the referendum commission left out last time. For instance it didn't mentions the changes to Article 133 at all, the LAN site shows how these are fundamental to the agenda of the World Trade Organisation.

If the Nice treaty had been passed then Ireland would now be forced to impose sanctions on third world countries that refused to co-operate with the racist policies of Fortress Europe. This is because at the EU Seville summit a sufficient number of countries voted for such a proposal for it to be enforced under the new Nice voting rules. As these were not in place the proposal was vetoed.

The site also includes details of how to link up with libertarians campaigning against Nice in your area. PDF files of leaflets and posters are available for you to download, print out and locally distribute. All in all a good resource which will help you to convince your friends, workmates and neighbours to vote No to Nice.

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