SIPTU General Secretary elections

Long term readers of Workers Solidarity may recognise the name of Des Derwin, one of the candidates for the General Secretary of Ireland largest trade union, SIPTU. He wrote a detailed article for our magazine Red and Black Revolution on "The two souls of the trade unions" (at

WSM members have worked with Des in countless union (and other) campaigns over the last decade including the various campaigns against partnership. Our members in SIPTU decided to back his election attempt in so far as it offers an opportunity to build opposition inside the union. As he has written "This is not about getting Des Derwin elected. It is about the best showing for a different, a changed and forceful, SIPTU, with far greater member input." And elsewhere "I am standing on a platform of change, revitalisation and the return of our Union to independence, fighting-form and control from below by the general membership".

The ballot begins on 19th September and runs for three weeks until 9th October. We encourage our readers who are members of SIPTU to campaign and vote for Des.

You can contact Des at Ph: 087 6229686 E-mail:

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