Keeping the struggle going in Cork

Sunday June 30 saw the latest protest at the Old Head of Kinsale. This is a long running campaign to reclaim the headland for public access. The exclusive golf course who now own the Old Head have gone to new depths to hinder the campaign. Large boards advertising the peoples picnic were placed at roundabouts in Cork city. A week after they suddenly disappeared overnight. However the culprit was spotted in his company van by an observant member of the public and supporter of the campaign. The eijit was tracked down and had to shamefacedly hand back the boards. On the Sunday the usual protest took place but with an added trek to the club house for a brief rally to inform the golfers just what was going on.

The Cork Peace Alliance are good supporters of the Old Head campaign and have organised transport from the city to every picnic. The CPA is in existence for over a year and brings together oppositional campaigners of various hues in a non-hierarchical group which campaigns on numerous issues. Currently the group is working to highlight the Irish arms trade, on an anti-racism festival and of course the Old Head of Kinsale. The group has a solid record of work and mobilising people to national events; anti-war activities, Palestine justice marches, the Shannon Airport protest etc, as well as responding to short term issues like the visit of Henry Kissinger to Cork. CPA also organises public meetings, most recently one about Palestine which attracted over 100 people.

The strength of the group is in the diversity of talents and interests in the people it attracts, environmentalists, feminists, anarchists, trade union activists, people with no labels etc.. The key is the democratic and transparent way it functions. The group is constantly evolving in organisational methods and regularly engages in critical evaluation of tactics and structure. Sub groups work on various issue projects and a second layer work on finance, communications, media and agitprop. Imagination is given full flight leading to a vast array of ideas and innovation. The CPA meets every Tuesday at 8.00pm in the CAZ, first floor, 4 Knapps Square, Cork.

James McBarron

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