Like it or not if the present government gets its way every household in Ireland will have to get used to paying bin charges, so for anybody curious about the arguments against the introduction of bin charges into Ireland, please familiarise yourself with A very user friendly site that will also give you good tips on recycling and a wealth of links to other political campaigns &endash; from Greenpeace to anti-war activities. Pleased to say that trawling through the links offers a healthy picture of opposition to the bin tax in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Drogheda.

The information provided should be sufficient to convince people of how completely unjust this taxation is. PAYE workers are already paying 80% of taxation in this country - our taxes have already paid for the service so why pay again? The notion that this is a 'Green Tax' is debunked by the reality that households only produce 5% of rubbish in this country, why should we subsidise the big rubbish producer? If anything making people pay for rubbish collection just increases illegal dumping and now that isn't usually good for the environment. The danger of commercialising rubbish collection, particularly for those who are currently getting waivers (can't see a continuation of free service once there's profits involved can you?), is well highlighted on the site. If they get this commercialised what next &endash; water, health and education probably. The strategy to defeat the tax is mass non-payment and this policy seems popularly supported. A figure is given of 167,000 bin tax bills given out in Dublin city area of which just under 40,000 have paid &endash; and when adjusted for waivers - the result is that for every person who pays two do not. That same figure applies in Dun Laoghaire &endash; Rathdown. Now that to me is a sign of some popular success. Long may the non-payment continue &endash; Don't Panic Don't Pay.

Joe Moffat

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