Letter to press about electronic voting

Dear Sir,

With the arrival of electronic voting in three constituencies this year, and probably every constituency at the next general election, we see it being used to restrict choice.

There is no provision for spoiling your vote. This makes it easier for politicians to write off anyone who refuses to vote as simply apathetic or lazy.

There are those who will not vote for any candidate on the ballot paper because none of them are addressing their particular concerns.

There are also those who reject the division of people into rulers and ruled, workers and bosses. These people, anarchists, work for a democracy where everyone effected by a decision will have the possibility of taking part in making that decision. It makes no more sense to ask them to vote for a small group of rulers than it does to ask pacifists to vote for their favourite army.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph King
Workers Solidarity Movement
P.O. Box 1528, Dublin 8