Bin tax picket of Dublin corporation meetings

Sept 2nd 2002

Monday night saw another picket of the Dublin corporation council meeting to protest the continuing attempt to impose bin charges on the cities population. According to the corporations own figures less then 50% of people paid any of their bill last year. With the success of non-payment to date only around 20% have paid something so far this year.

Picket of Dublin Castle
Pic: the picket around 19:00

Around sixty people took part in the picket, the bulk of them activists from the various political organisations opposing the charges. Obviously most non payers don't see the relevance of the regular council pickets and see non-payment as central to beating the tax,

Sinn Fein placards
Pic: Activists outside the council

The council is obviously getting panicky. It has now issued the first court summons of non payers. So far the campaign is aware of 4 hourseholders in Finglas who have been singled out. It appears the council selected an area where the campaign was almost non existent on the ground. This has backfired as these threats against them and their neighbours enabled the campaign to rapidly call packed local meetings.

The campaign has been selling membership for some time and so has built up a considerable war chest which will be used to pay for legal defence of these householders. The strategy of defending everyone in court was key to defeating the water charges. This was not because the courts found in our favour. Most of the time they did not - judges are appointed by the state after all! But by defending everyone the courts were unable to process more then a few cases a day and so rapidly clogged up and ground to a halt.

Crumlin anti bin tax campaign banner

Ballymun echo banner

Pic: Local banners at the picket


These first court cases with be on 20th September at 10.00am. There will be a protest outside the court which is the old Richmond Hospital on North Brunswick Street. Get along to this to support these householders.

The next All Dublin Activists Meeting is at 19.30 on 16th September 2002 in Room 6 Teachers Club 36 Parnell Square - Dublin 1. Make sure your local group sends delegates to this. If you think no group exists in your area head along and bring this up. The campaign will be able to either put you in touch with any groups that exists or help you set one up.

Joe Black

RTS sticker
Pic: View from across the road

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Winning the Water War
In 1996 the domestic water charge was abolished. In 'Winning the Water War', Dermot Sreenan, an activist in the Federation of Dublin Anti-Water Charges Campaigns examines the campaign and the demonstration of people power that brought about the downfall of this charge.

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Water Charge

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