Anti-fascist march in Prague

Today some 500 or 600* people took part in anti-fascist march through the center of Prague. This was to counter a fascist rally being held on the oputskirts of the city, early reports are they only had an attendance of 90.

The antifascist march was dominated by anarchist flags and banners as anarchist from at least 10 eastern and western European countries took part.

[Personal reports from Workers Solidarity Movement members of events they took part in or attended, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]
The counter summit is also in full swing at three venues in Prague, hundreds of people are taking part in discussions in halls and cinemas. Every hour more and more people arrive in preparation for Tueday.

The Czech media is running scare stories about expected violence and over 11,000 police are on duty here. On friday the border police were caliming to have turned 600 people back at the border but this is almost certainly untrue** .. almost everyone seems to have come through without problems.

Prague - Sat 17.30 S23

* Actually this was a massive under estimate of the numbers, media sources were to later give 2,000. After the march fascists retuning from their rally were ambushed in the metro stations by anarchist anti-fascist activists and given a beating. These confrontations also made the next days papers. The fascists were apperantly on their way to try and ambush people coming from the demonstration. - this note added Oct 4th

** Actually not only was it true but they were to try and stop 1,000 Italians from Ya Basta and 100 Swedes from the Syndicalist Youth Federation. Both these groups stood their ground and eventually were allowed in. Mnay individuals on being turned away returned to a base in Germany where they were given instructions on path they could use to walk across the border and several did just this.

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