Against capitalist globalisation

J18 London, N30 Seattle, S11 Melbourne, S26 Prague, A20 Quebec, M1 London, etc

Protesting the G8 in Scotland

WSM members will be travelling with Dissent Ireland to the protests against the G8 in Scotland this July. Why not come along with us - check out the Dissent Ireland web site for details of buses etc

Internet Review: Dissent Network Against the G8
The Dissent! Network was formed to provide a networking tool to co-ordinate radical resistance to the upcoming G8 (the 7 richest countries in the world plus Russia) Summit in Scotland. The network was founded in the autumn of 2003

Zapatistas: An Inspirational Decade On
The importance of their rebellion is not in the brief military struggle that took place 11 years ago but in the society they have built in the years since.

Quick stats

Our globalisation - Fighting Global Capitalism
The world's 225 richest people have a combined wealth equal to the combined annual income of the world's 2.5 billion poorest people.

Is Bill Gates really worth 14,000,000 people?
Bill Gates, the richest man on earth, earned over 14 million dollars a day from the increasing value of his Microsoft shares alone. Yet over one billion people on this planet live on less than one dollar a day



Bashing the Black Bloc?
In the wake of the G8 protests in Genoa, Ray Cunningham, who took part in the demonstrations there, looks at the future for the Black Bloc and the 'anti-globalisation' movement.

Has the Black Block tactic reached the end of its usefulness? by Severino (Barricada Collective)
As class struggle anarchists who recognize the importance of a diversity of tactics in order to attack Capital, the State, and oppression in an effective manner, we see the black bloc as an important tool of struggle. Only one tool among many, but an important one nonetheless.

Where to Now? Anti-capitalist protest - global and local by Gregor Kerr
It is certainly hard to avoid the conclusion that anti-globalisation protests that avoid direct action will kill off the movement, or at least greatly reduce participation in it.

Capitalist Globalisation and Imperialism
An anarchist outline of imperialism today and how to fight it with a focus on the movement against Capitaist Globalisation

Globalisation: the end of the age of imperialism?
IT HAS BECOME increasingly fashionable to use the term globalisation as a description of the international economy and international political relations

The anarchist economic alternative to globalisation
An immediate question springs to mind: has an alternative society every existed, and has such a society existed for long enough to be useful to us as an alternative model to the economic model of capitalism. The answer to both these questions &endash; and this may surprise you - is YES

Beyond the 'Days of action against global capital'
For decades, the organisations that manage capitalism have met to divvy up the world among themselves. For the first time, their role as dealers of poverty and misery has been exposed by thousands of angry protesters.

And the Wall came down?
Ten years ago, a series of popular rebellions brought the so-called 'Eastern Bloc' dictatorships to their knees. Even from today's vantage point, what was remarkable was the speed of the collapse

Sweatshops, unions and Fortress Europe
The EU is continuing the exploitation of the people of North Africa through creating a special trade zone of some of the North African countries similar to the free trades zones North America has created in Mexico.

The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement - Learning from Nice
You may remember back in early December the news being dominated for several nights by coverage of the European Summit in Nice.

Fighting Global Capitalism ..What sort of movement do we need?
Ireland has been on the fringes of the growing movement against neo-liberalism/capitalist globalisation. Since Seattle four organisations have attempted to function as umbrella groups for this growing movement.

Thinking about anarchism - Democracy, majority rule, and autonomy
An element of real democracy is that decisions should be made by those who are effected by them. For a lot of issues, only certain people will really be effected by a decision, and so they should be the only ones to make it.

Direct Action
Every time somebody puts a brick through a window or organises a minor protest there will almost inevitably be someone else who describes it as direct action.

Summit protests and networks
The major advantage of the network form of organisation is that it allowed the rapid development and growth of a movement of tens of thousands from a tiny base without significant resources But no single form of organisation, unless it is one that involves the majority of workers, will ever be able to take it on in a straight fight

Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement
The 'anti-globalisation' movement of recent years has been a subject of great controversy within the anarchist movement. Lucien van der Walt, a South African anarchist active in anti-privatisation struggles, argues that the movement must not let this immensely important anti-capitalist struggle slip between our fingers

The Social Forums: Abandon or Contaminate?
The social forums can be stage-managed election and recruitment platforms for authoritarians and reformists. At the same time the social forums have attracted hundreds of thousands of people seeking a way to change the world we live in



Women with anarchist flag

Review: No Logo
The publication of No Logo was perfectly, if unintentionally, timed. Just as the N30 demonstrations in Seattle made headlines around the world, No Logo arrived to explain some of the reasons for that movement

Review: Globalise this
Globalise This! is one of the more important and informative books to come out of the Battle of Seattle. The thrust of the book from the very beginning is towards the activist and 'the citizen' interested in doing something about what is wrong on this planet.

Restructuring and resistance: Diverse voices of struggle in western Europe
Thise is an inspired book that succeeds in explaining why many people in western Europe are opposing capitalist globalisation. It does this by doing what the mainstream media will not, giving them a voice.


Articles on Ireland and the war on Iraq

Articles on war and imperialism

Articles on the European Union

Most of the articles above are in

Fighting Global Capitalism

A 16 page PDF booklet that you can download, print out and distribute

  • Who are the IMF, G8, World Bank, WTO etc
  • The anarchist economic alternative to globalisation
  • Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism
  • The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement
  • Reviews of No LOGO and Globalise This!
  • Anarchism & the Anti-Globalization Movement

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Fighting Global Capitalism cover

Review: We Are Everywhere
We Are Everywhere is a collection of articles, photos and interviews about the past decade of global anti-capitalist resistance. What marks this book out is that all the contributors are activists

Review: No Global - The People of Ireland Versus the multinationals
No Global appears at a vital time. Anyone who wants to see how the bigger picture has unfolded to date can read in detail about the numerous struggles. But No Global is less clear and less persuasive when it comes to dissecting the political ideas within the environmental movement and the problems these caused


The global capitalist organisations

Bleeding Education Dry
OECD Report Advocates Increased Fees, More Inequality

Bertie's European Act
Over the next six months you will be hearing a lot about the European Union (EU). Part of the reason for this is that Ireland is taking over 'The Presidency' of the EU, but the other part is that in June elections will be held for the European 'parliament' in Brussels.

What is the World Economic Forum?
The WEF has been described as the first "'true International of capital". It's widely credited with being the organizing force behind capitalist globalisation

Against the WTO - Against capitalism
The problem with the World Trade Organisation is not simply a problem of bad decisions, it is a problem with capitalism itself. The decisions of the WTO may often seem to be crazy to ordinary people but to business they make sense. It represents the continued ascendancy of profit over people

TRIPS and the WTO - killing millions for massive profits
The World Trade Organisation's Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) was created to allow multinational corporations to demand that their 'ownership' of intellectual patents be respected in all countries.

The Euro: the root of all evil?
It makes no sense for us to oppose the EU on the basis of some sort of return to national sovereignty. Rather we must look for ways to create our globalisation agenda out of the process. The protests at the European Summits are proving one way of doing this

The WTO and GATS
According to the WTO, the GATS agreements cover 160 services' sector. What few people realised when the deal was first done is that the GATS also includes healthcare, education, housing, water, waste management and other basic services usually run by government agencies.

From the Czech Republic: Why we organise against the IMF
The Czech anarchist organisation Solidarita/Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists is working as part of INPEG, the Czech alliance organising the protests in Prague this September. Vadim Barek, Solidarita's international secretary explains what the IMF means to workers in the Czech republic and why they are organising against the summit.

The World Bank and its actions
Right now across the world, the lives of millions of people are in the hands of two of the most powerful financial institutions ever created - the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB)

What is wrong with the G8
The G8 summits effectively decide what sort of world you and your children will live in. Behind closed doors decisions are made that mean our environment is sacrificed to profit, our health service is run down and privatised and millions of people continue to die for want of clean water and basic medicine. [ PDF file]

Is the emperor wearing clothes?
A review of Negri and Hardt's book Empire from an anarchist perspective, this started off as a talk for the Dublin WSM branch

Effects and resistance

The globalisation we demand
Has it ever struck you as a little odd that the same governments that claim to stand for globalisation are busy erecting expensive fences along their borders to keep people out?

The Business of Brutality
Weapons Conference in Dublin - Less Lethal, More Repressive

Restlesness in the Andes
The Bolivian people suffer from one of the most blatant and shameless exploitations in the world by both their local and foreign rulers. They have a long tradition of organisation and direct action.

Haiti and US Terrorism
Haiti has long suffered from Uncle Sam's interventions. Born through slaves' revolts against their French masters, Haiti was the first black republic in the world -1804 - and for that has paid a high price.

Oct 11th 2001 - Gardai attack globalisation protest at Dublin's Burlington hotel
A protest against an international privitisation conference at Dublin's Burlington hotel turned violent when the Gardai (Irish police) attacked protesters with batons. They were aided by a number of non uniformed men armed with sticks and torches

March 13th 2002- First Case against Burlington protestor dismissed in Dublin district court!
As many off you probably know 14 people were arrested for at an anti privitisation demo at the Burlington hotel last October. The first full hearing came up today., I wasn't a witness so I got to sit through the whole thing and study the machinations of the capitalist justice system at district court level in great detail!

July 10th 2002 - Court Report - Burlington Cases
A court report on the continuing prosecution of activists arrested at the Burlington hotel anti-privitisation protests in Oct 2001.

Big Black Coffin laying on the steps of Greek house
Report on Dublin solidarity protest with Thessaloniki 7

French Workers Take on their bosses [1996]
The strike wave that rocked France in the closing month of 1995 is yet another example of the great fighting spirit of the French working class. Yet when we look at the causes of the strike and the relative weakness of French workplace organisation the question that emerges is 'if they can do it, why can't we'?

The unemployed are on the march [1997]
A European March against Unemployment, Job Insecurity and Exclusion has been called by a wide coalition of unions, unemployed and political groups. Eleven separate legs of the march will arrive in the centre of Amsterdam on the afternoon of June 14th, to coincide with a European Union Inter-governmental Conference

Vote no to Nice
Ireland votes down the Nice treaty

Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism

Many African countries are chronically broke. They must regularly borrow money to finance the public sector and to service their existing debt. The IMF is willing to provide loans as long as the government will carry out a neo-liberal reform package, known as a Structural Adjustment Program (SAP).

Jan 2001 - An Irish anarchist in Africa

The previous international secretary of the WSM, Chekov Feeney, spent 2000 travelling over land through Africa. His personal diary accounts of each country is now online

The anarchist struggle in South America [In French]

Anarchists are once again on the march, their voices are being heard in mass social movements after many years of silence, and their message of self-organisation against capitalism is being listened to by an ever growing number of workers.

10 years after the Gulf War - Their New World Order is as deadly as ever

10 years after the Gulf War offically ended Britain and the US continue to bomb Iraq. It only occasionally gets into the headlines, normally when civilians are killed.

Nike sweatshop

Report of EU summit (2002) Copenhagen protests
In December protests were held at the EU summit in Copenhagen

European union

What's wrong with the EU

PDF pamphlet on the European Union which outlines the problems with the direction it has taken.

After the Dust Settles - Lessons from the Summit Protests
Despite the very real problems associated with the idea of 'summit hopping' and spectacular protest these manifestations have provided a public face of anarchism and at least as importantly have given anarchists an opportunity to work together

Dublin 2004 EU summit protests

Media Mayhem - Anarchists and the Mass Media
This article examines the mainstream media and looks at the various factors which ensure that it effectively works as a propaganda tool for the powerful. It looks at ways in which anarchists can deal with this situation, by creating our own media, but also by challenging the hostility that they habitually encounter from the mainstream. It is mostly based on the experience of the 2004 Mayday protests in Dublin.

Playing the Media Game
Perhaps the two biggest problems in dealing with the media are firstly that the media can, through the questions they ask and the pressures they bring, begin to set the political agenda of the group. Secondly servicing the media machine can take up all a group's time and energy (to the detriment of the other activity).

May 1st - The long march on Farmleigh
In terms of the development of a libertarian movement in Ireland the march on the EU summit at Farmleigh will probably be seen as a turning point. For the first time the movement mobilized large number of people from outside its own ranks, in a demonstration that was in direct defiance of the Irish governments attempt to ban such demonstrations.


Seville 2002 Europan Summit protests

The Seville 2002 EU summit protests [with photos]
An Irish anarchist reports from the European Summit protests in Seville

 Libertarian call to Sevilla 2002
The European Union, the War Machine against Social Rights an international anarchist statement for Seville

 From Barcelona to Seville
Time was when an EU summit was every leader's wet dream. But not any more. The EU summit in Barcelona over the 9 to the 16 of March saw between 250,000 and 600,000 people take to the streets!

Irish anarchists and the Seville protest
The protests in Seville on the weekend of June 20th against the European summit are liable to be the largest globalisation protests to date. Anarchists from Ireland will be at the protests and in Dublin (and maybe elsewhere) we are arranging solidarity activity

EU, Globalisation and the Seville Protests
How the EU is a motor for globalisation and how its decision effect Irish workers. Also looks at the so called 'inquiry' into the Gardai riot at the RTS street party.

Seville EU summit
PDF file of The EU, globalisation and Seville


International anarchist statement on the Laeken Summit in Brussles
The Workers Solidarity Movement has signed this international anarchist statement in opposition to the EU Brussles Summit


What did you hear about Genoa?
One of the interesting things to do with rolling news-coverage, such as on Sky News, is to watch how the spin changes in the course of the day.

What happened at the G8 Protests in Genoa
An account from an Irish anarchist who was with the Black Block. Also available as a PDF file for you to print out and distribute

What happened at the G8 protests in Genoa

PDF file


Against the slavery of the G8
Anarchist Communist statement against the G8 that is being distributed at the Genoa protests

WS66 - Irish campaigner arrested and beaten
The most frightening experience involved my arresting Carabinari attempting to stab me. When this happened my mind thought of people who had died of gunshot wounds in French detention and for a moment I did question my future

July 17th - Irish anarchist reports from Genoa [with pictures]
A four section report with around 50 photos from an Irish anarchist in Genoa

July 23rd - What did you hear about Genoa?
Review of TV coverage of the Genoa G8 protests by an Irish anarchist looking at the assumptions made by the media coverage.

July 24th - Demonstrations in solidarity with Genoa anti G8 demonstrations in Dublin
Monday 23rd July saw two separate demonstrations take place outside the Italian embassy on Northumberland Road. Both had been called to protest the savage repression of the anti - G8 Protests in Genoa.

July 28th - March in Dublin in solidarity with Genoa protests [with pictures]
I would estimate that there was about 300 people there. I noticed a number of Globalise Resistance placards which read "Remember Carlo Guialini &endash; Free Joe Moffat."

It didn't start in Seattle, it won't end in Genoa
Over the last two years a movement has been growing all over the world that seeks to end the rule of the banks. It didn't start in Seattle when the World Trade Organisation congress was blockaded in November 1999. It won't end in Genoa in July when massive protests will take place against the G8 summit.

Review: Berlusconi's Mousetrap
In July 2001 over a quarter of a million people gathered to protest against the G8 in Genoa. The Italian state responded to these demonstrations with violent repression. Eighteen thousand cops were drafted into the city; they beat and gassed thousands of people off the streets, arrested hundreds and shot one young Italian man in the head.


FTAA Quebec

Along with 18 other anarchist groups we signed the International Anarchist Communist Anti-FTAA Declaration, Québec 2001 distributed at the demonstrations against the FTAA summit in Quebec over the weekend of the 21st April 2001



Prague S26 logo

Victory in Prague - IMF and World Bank closed down
Amongst the protesters on the early evening of S26 the sense of victory was something you could almost pluck out of the air. We marched into the city centre led by an anarchist Samba band from Seattle and fire breathers. Locals waved from their balconies and tram drivers rang their bells as we passed

A World Bank economist on the S26 protests

Czech anarchists and the S26 Prague protests against the World Bank/IMF
This is the text of the talk given in early October 2000 by Vadim Barák, international secretary of Solidarita as part of his Irish and British speaking tour

Three talks given at the Prague counter summit by WSM member Andrew Flood

September 26th - Irish eyewitness report on S26 demonstration in Prague [In French] [In German]

I had chosen to march with the anarchist block that headed up (and indeed comprised the majority of) the blue march. The front of this was taken up by Czech anarchists followed by anarchist from the other Eastern European countries numbering perhaps a thousand in all. Holding the banners down one side of the march and taking position behind the eastern Europeans were anarchists from all the western European countries and a large number of automnen from Germany. This anarchist block probably numbered at least 3,000

September 26th - Cork S26 demo: "Oon Da Maall"

The march was led by a large wooden coffin to symbolised the massive misery and death that has been caused by capitalism throughout the world

September 23rd - Anti-fascist march in Prague

The antifascist march was dominated by anarchist flags and banners as anarchist from at least 10 eastern and western European countries took part.

September 12th - S26 in Ireland and the origins of the anti-capitalist movement

Report of work Irish anarchists in the Workers Solidarity Movement are carrying out in preparation for the S26 Global day of action and some speculation on the origins on the new anti-capitalist movement.

Anarchist globalisation after Prague S26

From J18 City of London, to N30 Seattle, S11 Melborne, S26 Prague; these are all dates that signify a growing movement of international opposition to capitalism. I took part in the S26 demonstrations in Prague which succeeded in disrupting the IMF congress there.

Seattle N30

Against the WTO - Against capitalism

The Zapatista encounters

Activity in Ireland

September 12th 2000 - S26 in Ireland and the origins of the anti-capitalist movement

Report of work Irish anarchists in the Workers Solidarity Movement are carrying out in preparation for the S26 Global day of action and some speculation on the origins on the new anti-capitalist movement.

The Nice treaty in Ireland

Libertarians Against Nice

Anarchist and libertarian groups and individuals from all across Ireland campaigned as Libertarians Against Nice (LAN)

For more details check the LAN website

LAN logo

Be a spanner in the works, not a cog in the machine


A bosses Europe or an anarchist Europe?
The Nice treaty offers us a bosses Europe, we want an anarchist Europe

'Libertarians against Nice' launched
LAN is a network of groups and individuals across Ireland campaigning against the Nice treaty from a libertarian perspective

Nice and Nationalism
We desire a global world where national boundaries are of as little relevance as parish boundaries today. We oppose all forms of nationalism that try and set the people of one country above the people of another

Ireland and the Nice treaty
Very detailed analysis of the Treaty

The Nice Treaty and globalisation
A look at the corporate agenda behing the Nice treaty and in particular at Article 133

The Nice treaty and the extension of police powers
Given the growing spying by EU police on globalisation activists and the oppression of immigrants the is reason to be concerned by the extension of police power in Nice

The Nice treaty, the EU, militarism and Ireland
The Nice treaty provides for the non-NATO EU states into the military alliance by transferral of defence responsibilities, including 'peacemaking', from NATO's WEU to the EU

Fortress Europe and the effects of the Nice Treaty
If the Nice treaty is passed decisions to impose sanctions on third world countries if they refused to cooperate with "migrant management", would have to be accepted by all member states once agreed by the European Council by qualified majority.

No to Fortress Europe, No to Nice

PDF file
LAN Nice poster against Fortress Europe and Nice

Check out the LAN website

Nice summit coverage

The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement - Learning from Nice

You may remember back in early December the news being dominated for several nights by coverage of the European Summit in Nice. An endless stream of politicians and political experts offered us their opinions on what new voting arrangements might be introduced. You might even be aware that there was some opposition on the streets of Nice to the summit, on December 7th most TV news items started with brief footage of a bank being set on fire

December 7th - Battle starts outside European summit in Nice

Mainstream press sites and the wire services are carrying reports that battles have broken out between the protesters in Nice and the riot police guarding the European Summit.

International anarchist statement for the counter-summit in Nice
signed by Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland) and group from the Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Italia, USA, Canada and the Czech Republic [ In French][In Italian][In Spanish] [In Turkish]


May 1st 2001- May Day stock exchange protest [with photos]

May Day saw a very successful and well attended demonstration that forced the Dublin Stock Exchange to shut early

April 7th 2001 - Protest outside US embassy against Bush's withdrawal from Kyoto agreement [with photos]

About 60 people picketed the US embassy

August 5th - Report of Reclaim the Streets action

With no immediate or obvious leadership our motley crew of 50 or so activists and entertainers led off by a man with much skill on the juggling fire brand block the road
by krossphader


September 26th - Cork S26 demo: "Oon Da Maall"

The march was led by a large wooden coffin to symbolised the massive misery and death that has been caused by capitalism throughout the world

What's happening now

To get up to date information join the Global Ireland mailing list by sending an email to Or check out the archive of posts. For activity in Ireland see the Global Ireland page

Fighting Global Capitalism

A 16 page PDF booklet that you can download, print out and distribute

  • Who are the IMF, G8, World Bank, WTO etc
  • The anarchist economic alternative to globalisation
  • Africa, anarchism & neo-liberalism
  • The media and the anti capitalist globalisation movement
  • Reviews of No LOGO and Globalise This!
  • Anarchism & the Anti-Globalization Movement

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