Call this Choice?

As we get near to the general elections discussions of the anarchist arguments against electoral politics and what sort of campaigns we can mount during the elections.

Cork meeting

(Wednesday April 17th at 8 PM at the CAZ)

A General Election is imminent.

Your 'chance' at democracy is about to arrive! Over the next few months the public will be exhorted to 'use' their vote and 'play their part'. But towards what end and for who's benefit?

This time around anarchists around the country are organising an Anti-Election Campaign. The purpose is two fold:

To make anarchist arguments about general elections and democracy more well known. After all whoever you vote for the Government gets in!

Secondly to convince more of the public not to participate and use direct action of bring about change To run an effective campaign we will need to organise as soon as possible. A lot is possible and there is plenty out there interested in what we have to say. So get along to the forthcoming 'Organising Meeting'. Bring ideas, arguments and proposals:

Provisional Agenda

1) A discussion on why we are Opposed To Elections

2) Proposals for the campaign in the Cork area.

[This meeting is being called by the WSM in Cork in the interests of building a broad anarchist campaign against the elections. We are circulating information about the campaign to any anarchists we know of. If you know someone who is interested or might participate, let them know.]

Dublin meeting

The general election looms and over the next few weeks we will be assailed with a barrage of promises and pledges from all of the political parties. Yet somehow it seems that these elections come and go, the promises are rolled out, the election passes and things go on the same as ever. So what is wrong with these elections? Anarchists are the only political movement which reject participation in elections completely, so come along to the meeting and hear the anarchist case against elections - why they don't give people any power over their lives.

This meeting will also host the launch of the Workers Solidarity Movement's anti-election campaign. Our campaign is based around the theme, 'don't vote, get active'. And we plan to distrubute thousands of leaflets during the campaign arguing that the only real way to have a meaningful participation in the running of our society is to take the power back into your own hands and get active around the issues that affect you, instead of voting and waiting for a politician to sort it out. As part of our campaign we will be promoting several of the campaigns and movements that our memebers are involved in and which we support, including indydmedia, reclaim the streets, the bin charges campaign and residents against racism. We hope that other libertarians will be interested in working alongside us in this campaign, and that we will be able to construct a broad alliance to argue the case against the election.

So come along to the Teachers club on Monday and bring your ideas and suggestions as to how anarchists can make their presence felt in this campaign and get our message across. We are hoping that other anarchists will co-operate with us in this campaign and that if there are any other plans for opposition to the election campaign that we can join together and co-ordinate our activities for greater impact.

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Parliament or Democracy

Parliament or Democracy?

The detailed anarchist argument of why parliamentary elections do not give us democracy. Also available as a PDF booklet