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Welcome to 2002 and to the first issue of Workers Solidarity for this New Year.

A small group of anarchists have been publishing Workers Solidarity since 1984 in a variety of formats. We do so because we think it is essential to not only tell people what anarchism is really about but also to provide an honest alternative to the bosses' media. We publish the stories that they generally won't.

In 2000 we changed the format of our paper and there has been a great response to this development. We now have people distributing the paper in the following areas, Athenry, Belfast, Castledermot, Cork, Drogheda, Derry, Dublin, Fermoy, Galway, Kilcock, Kilkenny, Lurgan, Manorhamilton, Maynooth, Naas, Oughterard, Sligo and Thurles.

We have been trying to keep you informed of all the various struggles that we are involved in from the local anti-bin tax campaign in our areas, the globalisation movement, and recently we played an active part in opposing the Afghan war.

At the end of last year we took part in the first Grassroots Gathering at the end of November. This was an inspiring event, which brought activists from all over the island together for the first time. Arising from this there was a national anti-war demonstration organised at Shannon which had people at it from Limerick, Cork, Sligo, Belfast and Dublin.

Some of our members were there and this lively demonstration coincided with the visit of the US minister for War Donald Rumsfeld who was quaffing pints with marines on their way to Afghanistan. The demonstration displayed to them that the war and Ireland's complicit role in it was being challenged. Unfortunately once again we saw people being arrested for demonstrating in Shannon. 2002 promises to be a busy year.

We will be out campaigning for a No vote in the coming referendum to try and make sure the Irish State doesn't adopt a more anti-choice position. Also it's important to remember that 2002 is going to be the year when we see the politicians re-appear at our doors seeking our votes for election. We are planning to have certain activities to highlight the hypocrisy of these crooks and to display the failings of our so-called democratic system. Hopefully we can make 2002 a year to remember for all the wrong reasons.

If you are interested in getting involved in campaigning for the right to choose - or even in the around the futility of electing your leaders - get in contact with us. Alone we can achieve little, together we can begin to win. Find our more about Anarchism and get involved in the fight for real freedom.

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This edition is No68 published in Jan 2002

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